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Introducing UEFI Development Kit 2010
Beginning a new era for the
UEFI Open Source Community

This is the community site surrounding the open source components of Intel's implementation of UEFI. To learn how to use UEFI see our start using UEFI page.

To learn more about getting involved in the community see our how to contribute page. EDK II is a modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications.

For the full list of our community projects, visit the Projects page.

New Announcements

April 13, 2012

New Documentation on Signing UEFI Applications and Drivers for UEFI Secure Boot. Signing UEFI Images.pdf V1.1 This document describes how to sign UEFI images for the development and test of UEFI Secure Boot feature using the UDK2010.SR1 release and also provides an overview of the UEFI Secure Boot featue of UEFI 2.3.1
See SecurityPkg for more documentation on security features with UDK2010 and UEFI.

March 6, 2012

Check out the new UEFI Driver Developer Resources with EDK II page, including the latest UEFI Driver Writer's Guide (v1.01) and the new UEFI Driver Wizard.

March 6, 2012

We are applying to participate in the Google Summer of Code program again this year!

For more information, visit the GSoC2012 page or join in on our discussion on edk2-devel.

Jan 2, 2012

UDK2010.SR1 Release is now available at Download This is the latest UEFI Development Kit 2010 SR1 that supports UEFI 2.3.1 and PI 1.2 Specifications. Added Work Space Expanded version Jan 4, 2012

Dec 19, 2011

EDK II Build specifications update Final release for UDK2010.SR1 Download

Archived News

Look here for old news stories.

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