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Introducing UEFI Development Kit 2010
Beginning a new era for the
UEFI Open Source Community

MinnowBoard UEFI Firmware

What is the MinnowBoard: This is the open community project with UEFI Developed firmware.

UEFI devleopment on MinnowBoard covers firmware, pre-OS applications, drivers, and OS loaders. MinnowBoard allows development of low-level features on Intel® architecture in an open source environment.

MinnowBoard is an open hardware project based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. Technical details, schematics, and information on expansion boards (Lures) can be found at


Latest UEFI Firmware Releases

Follow the link below to downwload the latest firmware releases to update your MinnowBoard firmware, or to download the firmware development kit, which allows you to develop UEFI firmware applications or drivers for the MinnowBoard.


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