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EFI Toolkit

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The EDKII_EADK is replacing the EFI Toolkit. It is recommended that you use this EDK II Project instead of the EFI Toolkit since it is no longer supported.

Unmaintained project for reference only

The EFI Toolkit is a set of tools that support rapid porting and development of EFI applications, and promote a uniform pre-boot environment on 32 and 64 bit based platforms. The components are released as reference source code. Some components are meant to be stand alone and run on UEFI/EFI compliant systems and some components will require running on the EFI shell. The EFI Toolkit is released under the BSD License, and the Python code is released under PSF License.

Working with the EFI Toolkit

The EFI Toolkit package enables rapid development of EFI based applications, protocols, device drivers, EFI shells, and OS loaders on IA-32, IA-64(IPF) and Intel 64(EM64T or X64) platforms. It provides libraries and samples for using native EFI services, as well as portability libraries that make it easy to port or write Unix/POSIX style programs.

Source repository: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/efi-toolkit/code/trunk/efi-toolkit/

EFI Toolkit Releases
Release What is it? What’s in the package Documents
EFI_Toolkit- Contains sample EFI applications and utilities source code to aid in EFI development.

Note: this project is no longer maintained.

IA-32, IA-64 and Intel 64 Build Environments

All source and make files needed to build the IA-32, IA-64 and Intel 64(EM64T) versions of the Toolkit

Common Utilities

Hexdump(display raw file contents or medis), Ed (line editor), makramdisk (Create ramdisk)

Standard C Library

The standard functions in the C library (libc, libm, libsociket as well as libefi.

Compress/Decompress Library

Support for doing file compression/decompression is supplied through libz

Database Access Library

The FreeBSD database access method library, libdb

TTY Library

A serial port management library libtty.

Network Stack

A complete TCP/IPv4 implementation as an EFI protocol, and the socket library.

Network Utilities

FTP client, CHCP client, ifconfig, route, hostname, and ping.

PPP network support

A complete PPP implementation is included with the network stack as well as a client and serial port management protocol.

Scripting Interpreter

The Python interpreter.

Full Screen Text Editor

Simple full screen text editor that can create and edit both Unicode and ASKII text files

Wide character (Unicode) and local support

The C library supports the ANSI wide-character functions and FreeBSD* local support.

Multi-processor Test support

Provides support for loading, starting, and terminating non-EFI based programs on application processors of a multi-processor Itanium-based system.

RAM Disk

A protocol which provides a virtual (RAM) disk.


EFI Application Toolkit Release Notes

General documentation


Technical information

License information: BSD

Project owner(s): hlhsiung, mwu7

Developer page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/efi-toolkit/develop

Handy Links

The following links are provided for use by the general public:

Project Point of Contact Project owner:

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