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Thinstation is a basic and small, yet very powerful, Open Source "thin client" operating system supporting all major connectivity protocols: Citrix ICA, NoMachine NX, 2X ThinClient, Microsoft Windows terminal services (RDP, via RDesktop), VMWare View Open client, Cendio ThinLinc, Tarantella, X, telnet, tn5250, VMS terminal and SSH (No special configuration of the application servers is needed to use Thinstation).

Thinstation is mainly intended for schoolroom, office, company or department use, but can be used at home (eg. for a silent PC in the bedroom that 'runs' XP on your workstation in the back room).

Whilst Thinstation is based on Linux, users may actually never see Linux at all. If you decide to connect directly to a Microsoft Windows, Citrix or Unix server, the user will feel that they are running directly on the server. But, you can also have a local Desktop interface (with a local Browser & other tools).

Thinstation supports a Microsoft Windows-only environment and REQUIRES NO UNIX/Linux KNOWLEDGE.

Thinstation runs on ordinary PC hardware (32/64 bit i686 class). You may either reuse older computers or save a lot of time on workstation administration. Or both! An old Pentium-II with 128 MB RAM or better can be a perfectly useful workstation. And you don't need a hard disk - you can boot off the network and even have a silent workstation. Workstation devices (floppy/HD/CD/USB) and printers (LPT/USB) are supported.

Thinstation can be booted from network (e.g. diskless) using Etherboot/PXE or from a local floppy/CD/HD/flash-disk, and prebuilt images and a Live CD are available. The thin client configuration can be local or centralized to simplify management.

The latest stable release is version 5.0 Please be aware that not all docs have been updated yet but all basic concepts apply.

To learn more about Thinstation, please

Thinstation is hosted on sourceforge.net, where:

A number of our members have contributed their own servers to host additional items like:


6 May 2012

Thinstation 5.1 released

Donald Cupp Jr has been busy and has ironed out kinks and polishing the beautiful vehicle Thinstation, and he proudly presents Thinstation-5.1.

As usual you get it from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/thinstation/files/thinstation/thinstation-5/ or from git.

10 February 2012

Thinstation 5.0 released

After about a year of development Thinstation 5.0 - the successor to Thinstation 2.2.2 - has been released today. During its development program Thinstation 5.0 has been known as version 2.5, but as the entire code base is new, the developers wanted to part from the 2.x series branding. So we decided to stick to the the "5" in "2.5" and here is version 5.0.

Thinstation 5.0 is based on Crux Linux 2.7 code, but the user front end is very much the same as previously, i.e. it still uses build.conf and thinstation.conf*. There are of course some new things to learn (2.2.x is more than five years old) but the soul and spirit is all the same.

However, this is new times and there are new requirements: A simple build requires 64 MB RAM and an i686 class processor is required. This is 16 year old technology, any CPU post 2003 works and almost any post 1996 does.

For package developers Thinstation 5.0 is great news. It is so easy now to add own packages or modify existing ones thanks to the standardized Crux code base.

The number of packages updated are *way* to extensive to mention, but on most bases we have 2011/2012 versions of everything, including Linux kernel 3.2 and xorg7.

So, have fun and enjoy Thinstation 5.0.

The Thinstation crew.

Download Thinstation 5.0 from here

TS-O-Matic service and LiveCDs are expected shortly.

11 January 2012

The TS-2.2.2 series has served us well since late 2008 and now it is time for the final minor revision, TS-2.2.2i. The future belongs to TS-2.5 which is well into its RC-series by now. ChangeLog.

18 October, 2011

Now we are at beta4 and "soon" there will some RCs. So it's now we need feedback. The build procedure in TS-2.5 is slightly different from TS-2.2.2 series. This is an incomplete guide to get started with TS-2.5

28 September, 2011

Exciting news! Thinstation-2-5 beta1 is out. It's a complete rewrite of TS but still true to the TS core values and most administrating parts are the same. A new thing is that you get the source together with the distro, so it's a 390 MB download (the final version will be the distro only and the source optionally). Unpack the bz2 file, run ./setup-chroot. Actually you have to run ./setup-chroot twice, but you are instructed. Next go to ts/2.5 and things will look more or less familiar.

Have fun and supply feedback! Feedback is very important.

Get it here

28 June, 2011

Thinstation 2.2.2h has been released. A minor bugfix release of the 2.2.2 series. ChangeLog. Among the highligths: rdesktop 1.7.0 and Firefox 5.0.

10 May, 2011

LiveCD versions of Thinstation 2.2.2g available now.

3 March, 2011

Thinstation 2.2.2g has been released. As you can guess from the version number, it's minor maintenance release where updated RDP clients (SVN version of rdesktop and FreeRDP 0.8.2) is the highlight: ChangeLog

7 November, 2010

Thinstation 2.2.2f has been released. Well, the release of Thinstation-2.2.2e triggered an interesting sequence of contributions that we have found so interesting, that we kill off 2.2.2e and release 2.2.2f.

Most important is that now the keyboard is fully working with international keyboards and FreeRDP! That's worth a release by itself. But also other important fixes and updates are included: snd-hda-intel seems to work for the first time, a bug for z-org6-intel ironed out, Windows codepage 1252 added for ICA etc.


1 November, 2010

Thinstation 2.2.2e has been released. As you may guess from the version number this is only a small update and bug fix release. Nothing major. But as for any star a face lift is needed once in a while :-) ChangeLog

16 August, 2010

New VMware LiveCDs based on Thinstation-2.2.2d and Open View 4.5.0b2.1 available as torrents on the usual page: http://thinstation.org/LiveCD/

11 April, 2010

Thinstation-2.2.2d has been released. A few bugs has been ironed out and a few minor features added. ChangeLog

2 March, 2010

Thinstation-2.2.2b has been released. Version 2.2.2b is a maintenance release of 2.2.2, which means it is ver. 2.2.2 plus patches and bug fixes. Besides this a few additions have been made mainly to cosmetics. Update: A glitch has bumbed the version to 2.2.2c.

See ChangeLog

19 January, 2010

A New Canadian TS-O-Matic site has become alive thanks to redeemer.ca. Now the TS-O-Matic build farm consists of:

TS-O-Matic is the unique Thinstation way of making a custom binary image of Thinstation without having a Linux installation yourself.

11 May, 2009

Francis Souyri has put together a package for Firefox 3 under Thinstation 2.2x (& 2.3).

It includes updates to a number of packages and libraries and is bundled as one package. Individual packages for GTK-2.0, atk, cairo, pango & pixman will also be made available.

24 March, 2009

Well, we have been doing things, but not putting much here.....

Those who have been watching the lists will know that 2.4alpha1 has been released with major upgrades to the platform, but it's still got a long way to go. So come along and help...

Updating the wiki is progressing and I'm adding some of the longtime missing developer documentation. We could really do with some help on defining 'Usage Scenarios' and the associated working configurations (see the Configuration Examples pages).

28 October,2008

We have finally put the Thinstation WIKI back up.

There are still quite a few items missing, but we have a number of older documents available and will extract anything of use that we can.

In the meantime, feel free to populate the Community Portal with anything you think is useful to other Thinstation users. (I haven't worked out how to allow anonymous updates yet, so you probably need to have a sourceforge login and ask to be given edit permissions......)

We have lost a bit of the news as well..... File:Example.jpg

More News...

Help on using the Wiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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