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Install Instructions

From textuml

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  • Java 6
  • Eclipse 3.7 or later

Install Eclipse

Have the Marketplace client?

If you have the Eclipse Marketplace client installed, that is the easiest way to install the TextUML Toolkit. Just search for the Toolkit, and install it directly.

Install TextUML Toolkit feature

  • Open the Software Updates dialog (Help > Install New Software...), and enter the following JAR URL in the "Work with:" field (include jar: to the !/ at the end):
  • Select the TextUML Toolkit feature from the Modeling category.
  • Accept to restart Eclipse to make the changes effective.

Further steps for graphical diagram rendering

Diagram rendering is optional. If you decided not to install EclipseGraphviz in the previous step, skip this section, you are done. But if you do, read these instructions.

Installation complete - now what?

After the TextUML Toolkit is installed, you must restart Eclipse. Once that is done, you will see you can now create MDD projects in the New Project wizard. Any files using the ".tuml" extension are considered TextUML source files and can be edited with the TextUML editor and will be compiled by the TextUML compiler. You are ready now to try the TextUML Tutorial!

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