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This project provides several Talend components to access Compiere.

Talend Web Site

Compiere Web Site

Talend Open Studio must be installed to use this software.

This software will be configured inside Talend Open Studio.

Compiere Libraries have to be copy from a Compiere installation into TOS directory.

You will then be able to view and use new Components that will access to Compiere respecting Compiere API.

Compiere Components

Talend Version supported

Talend version 3.0.x has been tested but previous version support should no be a problem

Compiere Version supported

Compiere 3.0 and up is supported right now

No previous version are supported right now because of Compiere changes in API: introduction of Java package org.compiere.framework.







Sample Jobdesigns

Import Sample Talend-jobs

Under the download-section, one can find some example Talend Jobs to play with. The sample jobs are based on a standard Compiere-install and uses the Tenant Gardenword.

There is an easy way to import the sample jobs, using Item-import. Proceed as follows;

- Create a new workspace or activate an already existing one whichever suits you best

- Right-click on Job Designs and select [Import Items]:

Importing job from Job Designs

- Select the the sample Job Zip-file:

select Job zip.file

- Select Finish. The job will be imported

You will now find the imported job under your Job Designs:

Jobdesign available after Import Item

Note that the metadata is also imported from the job-package.

- Double-click on the Job to open the job on the Grid and you are set to go and play around.

example of Partner Importjob in the Design-grid

First thing to do though is changing some of the the metadata because the sample DB-connection and for example the input-files contain properties that are not applicable to your situation. Lets take a look at a input-file like Partner 01:

- Right-click on Partner 01 and select [Edit file delimited]

Check out the properties of metadata

At the second step, you´ll see a warning like the above. - Browse to the location where your sample input-file is located and select the .csv.

To determine what structure is used for the .csv, rightclick on the schema Partner and select [Read Schema]

Review structure of CSV-file

Now, you are presented with the structure as defined in the repository for Partner. Take note though that in the grid, the input-file may be altered and set to Built-in. Any changes made here in the schema will not apply to the component on the grid when it is set to built-in.

Check the properties of the Db Connections like presented above and go through the components on the grid as well.

- In case you've completely messed up the sample Job while playing around, throw your job away and start over. Just remember to empty the recycle-bin in Talend first after you've deleted your job. Otherwise the new import will start complaining that the job already exists.


Your log file is to be found under TALEND_HOME/workspace/.metadata/.log

This can be examined after component fails to load, etc.


Astidian first comes with the tCompiereOutput component to access Compiere Model Class through Talend. The use of plugin is deprecated and it will be removed from future releases

Audaxis needed a way to interact with Compiere Process and wrote the tCompiereProcess component. Audaxis also wrote the tCompiereConnection to externalize the heavy Compiere Connection mechanism from the Component itself. Audaxis finally adapt the tCompierePO component into tCompierePOOutput to reuse the Connection.

To do List

  • Transaction Support
  • Support for Compiere < 3.0 (org.compiere.framework)
  • Add the possibility to run DocAction method on tCompierePOOutput (completeIt, voidIt, ...)
  • Support for Postgres in dependency Jars
  • Perhaps we should offer download of dependency Jars (Compiere.jar CompiereCLib.jar)
  • Perhaps we should have some documentation for the sample integrations
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