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TakeoffGW's GUI Applications - Evolution, GIMP, Inkscape...

TakeoffGW is a GNU/Windows distribution with package manager.

Consists of open source applications natively ported to Windows platform.


  • GTK+/GNOME applications: Evolution, GIMP, Inkscape, Pidgin and more. (My Whish List.)
  • Development tools: MinGW gcc 4, gdb, MSYS(bash), GTK+, git, cvs, monotone, autoconf/automake
  • Package manager: graphical cygwin-like. (See Packaging.)

See current repository state (900 packages) or browse through setup.ini or just browse the repository online.

The distribution has dual point:

  • to add package manager to Windows platform for open source applications;
  • to give easy to set up development environment: MinGW GCC/gdb, MSYS, GTK+, git, cvs


  • cygwin-like installer (package manager) and online repository (with mirror support) for open source applications;
  • all applications/libraries are/will be compiled natively with MinGW GCC.
  • includes software from MinGW/MSYS, GTK+, GNOME, GnuWin32, GPG projects.


  • I was badly annoyed to build MinGW development environment from every single package. It was so huge contrast from current Linux distributions.
  • Another annoyance is inability of system to track new versions of already installed software. Hence the desperate need in package manager.

This distribution should ease life of developers involved in creation of cross platform applications - *NIX/Windows/...


Please refer to this wiki page for the things to be done.


21 June 2010

  • monotone 0.48-1 (new)

20 June 2010

  • botan 1.8.2-1 (new); lua 5.1.4-1 (new); pcre 8.02 (new)

17 June 2010

Created HOWTO: mingw packaging on OBS (openSUSE Build Service).

  • pidgin-sipe 1.10.0-2 (new)

10 June 2010

  • pidgin 2.7.1-1, gmime 2.4.17-1 (new)

9 June 2010

  • Renamed dbus-1* packages to dbus1*. As otherwise it confused package manager (setup.exe) completely. All references are updated. Please uninstall old dbus-1* packages.
  • cygport 0.9.83-5 Introduced optional MSYS_PREFIX variable to controll package installation location.
  • pidgin 2.7.0-8 built with dbus support, also relocated towards GTK & Co.

8 June 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport 0.9.83-4 fixed package dependencies due to recent msys update.
  • cygport/mingw: pidgin 2.7.0-7 initial unix-style port

6 June 2010

  • Uploaded complete update of MSYS part (plus mingw autoconf/automake from the same source). Fully synced with current upstream state. 50% more packages.

Since many packages had been changed (actually package structure was inherited from the original project for easier sync in the future), it's required to Uninstall MSYS part (and mingw autoconf/automake) and then Install them again.

XZ/lzma compression was used instead of bz2 as previously.

  • Enabled directory indexing. Curious minds could browse the repository online:


4 June 2010

Finished re-uploading mingw part of the repo. Fixes symlink issues caused some zero-sized files as result (such as python or ar).

Also XZ compression was used instead of the original bz2.

3 June 2010

Re-uploading mingw part of the repo (1.5GB).

29 May 2010

New repository upload finished.

As changes are dramatic, it's advised to make fresh install(!)


  • msys-* subsystem left untouched. It provides UNIX-like command line experience - bash, sed, vi, make, diff, etc.
  • MinGW subsystem as was taken from mingw.org site is replaced completely (apart from auto-tools and binutils).
  • It now sources applications/libs from openSUSE's windows:mingw:win32 cross-compilation project.

As a result the following applications exist in repository:

  • GIMP
  • Evolution
  • Inkscape
  • Abiword
  • Gnumeric
  • Glade
  • and more

28 May 2010

Started to upload new repository (2GB)... Can take a while.

The distro shall be closer to the screenshot on site's main page after that.

What was before is a prehistory.


19 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW: cairo 1.8.10
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: atk1.0 1.30.0

18 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MSYS: cygport (mingw's /etc and /var goes to /mingw/etc and /mingw/var; fixed proc/cpuinfo prompt)
  • cygport/MinGW: enchant
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: GConf2, gtkspell

17 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW: SciTE 2.11;
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: libIDL2 0.8.14; ORBit2 2.14.18; gtk-doc(fake) 1.14

16 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport(bin)/MSYS: gdbm 1.8.3-3, libiconv 1.13.1-1, zlib 1.2.3-2

15 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: msysDVLPR (inc. gcc 2.95)

14 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: expat, perl 5.8.8; binutils, gcc 3.4.4, w32api, rxvt, msysCORE 1.0.13, crypt 1.1_1-3, dash, rebase

12 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: searchmonkey (GTK+ showcase)
  • cygport/MinGW: regex

11 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW: dmake, unzip

9 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW: (!) git-mingw (with UI); gnutls

8 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MinGW: gdb 7.1; expat
  • cygport/MinGW: libtasn1, (!) tcl tk
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: gtk2_prefs (to change GTK+ themes)

7 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: (!) gtk2.0 (2.18.9)

6 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW: fontconfig, pixman, cairo
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: atk1.0, pango1.0

5 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: cygport (fixed forced mman usage)
  • cygport/MinGW: freetype2, zlib 1.2.5 (MinGW's 1.2.3 misses some functions)
  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: libxml2

4 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MinGW: binutils 2.19.1 (2.20.1 became testing)
  • cygport/MinGW: jpeg, libpng, tiff

3 May 2010

Repository update:

  • cygport/MinGW/GNOME: glib2.0 (2.24.1); pkg-config

2 May 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: cygport (places MinGW package content to /mingw automatically, except /etc and /var); flex, bison
  • MinGW: bzip2, xz
  • cygport/MinGW: diffstat, gnupg, libgcrypt, libgpg-error

1 May 2010

Adopted cygport for MSYS, it's going to be TakeoffGW's default tool for package making. Cygport were packaged by itself already.

Repository update:

  • MSYS: cygport

30 April 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: coreutils (repackaged), file, lndir

29 April 2010

Repository update:

  • MinGW: libiconv (repackaged), gettext, zlib, libtool, autoconf2.5 (2.63 added as current, 2.64 became testing)

28 April 2010

Using genini script to generate repository description. (Changed msys- packages names because of that)

Added sources to ALL packages!

Repository update:

  • MSYS: groff m4 man openssh openssl minires
  • MinGW:wget

27 April 2010

Repository update:

  • MSYS: bzip2 crypt gdbm gzip less patch perl regex vim zlib
  • MinGW: autoconf automake cvs

26 April 2010

Release R0 is available. Showcases installation from repository (cygwin-like). Features basic installation of MSYS shell and MinGW GCC 4.4

Current packages:

  • MSYS: bash diffutils gawk make sed termcap coreutils findutils grep msysCORE tar xz
  • MinGW: binutils gcc gmp libiconv mingwrt mpfr pthreads-w32 w32api
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