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SynEdit is an advanced multi-line edit control, for Borland Delphi and Kylix (C++Builder mostly works, but is unsupported). It supports syntax highlighting, word-wrapping, code completion, template components, and exporters for HTML, TeX and RTF.

It is a pure-VCL/CLX control, meaning it is not a wrapper for Microsoft Windows controls and so no run-time library is required.

Compatibility with FreePascal / Lazarus is planned, and the editor in the Lazarus IDE is indeed a SynEdit-port, but based on the 1.1 version and with some additions.

SynEdit is packaged together with highlighter components which are used to syntax highlight many programming languages source code. See State of Development.

Unicode SynEdit

SynEdit is available in a Unicode version (UniSynEdit). Development focuses on this version and every change should be done based on it.

The code can be accessed via SVN.

Enhanced version of SynEdit (might be worth for inclusion)

@People who want to maintain and revive SynEdit:

The developer of http://sourceforge.net/projects/letterpress/ has an enhanced version of SynEdit that might be worth to include into the main trunk. In his own words:

Added features include very robust and VERY powerful code folding with code focus, a LOT speed improvements, simple spell checker, advanced word wrapping with indented option, fixed wide-chars behavior and new customizable highlighter to load syntax highlighting rules from grammar files. Code folding is bound to highlighter token scheme. Also, tons of bug fixes, including in print preview. Though new ones were also introduced, but hopefully easily fixable. There aren't many good editors for Windows with declarative customization (as opposed to built-in lexers), so my concern is that there's a chance someone may be interested to continue my work.
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