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This is the documentation for Suffr.

Quick downloads:

New: [Bootstrapping Digital Democracy] (executive summary)

[Download Suffr for PmWiki]

[Robot's Rules of Order] - Whitepaper overview


Hello, Igniters!

I've wrapped up a version of recent work. It's good for an idea of what I'm doing (and more than a few laughs). Most important is the start toward an "opinion" system to give members an idea of whether Suffr topics will do what they claim. It works, but is untested and is still very much an experiment.

About Suffr

Users author and sign off on actions, Suffr implements

Suffr is a design (and plugin) to allow a group of people to manage a computer system together. It addresses the need for groups to maintain control over computing resources when working in trust-poor situations.

Using Suffr, groups maintain the core configuration of a computer system under their control. They can alter Wiki recipes to propose changes to system configuration. They then "sign off" on desirable recipes. When a sufficient number of users sign off, Suffr puts the system configuration changes into place.

Suffr is currently a plugin for PmWiki, a flat-file PHP Wiki. Suffr was introduced at [WikiSym 2009] in Orlando, FL. [Proceedings PDF]

Executive Summary

The best document to start with is "Robot's Rules of Order", found in the Suffr downloads page above.

Here's more introduction on Suffr.

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