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From srm7500-linux

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Philips SRM 7500 for Linux

The Philips Prestigo SRM-7500 is a RF HTPC remote providing a small display. This display can be controlled by the computer in order to display arbitrary information (the vendor-provided Windows software allows browsing the music collection and controlling playback in either Mediaplayer or iTunes).

This project is about reverse-engineering the provided windows driver and provide hardware documentation, a usb protocol decoder and ultimately a working driver to use the device under linux in RF mode.

General hardware description


  • IR transmitter for remote-controlling devices like TV sets, Audio sets and other devices equipped with IR sensors
  • integrated database of device-specific IR commands
  • IR receiver for learning commands from other infrared remotes
  • mixing is possible by first selecting a remote from the database and overriding single keys by using the 'repair key' function to override keys with commands learned by the means of the IR receiver.
  • RF transceiver for bi-directional communication with a PC
  • small backlighted dot-matrix display used for interactive setup of the remote, for soft-keys and for displaying information provided by PC via RF


  • USB ID: 0471:0617 Philips IEEE802.15.4 RF Dongle, USB HID class
  • Info from lsusb
  • Device is apparently a full-blown 802.15.4 transceiver

Development plan for this project

Project Logo

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