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Sonia Data Formats

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SoNIA Data Formats

Input Formats

Sonia currently supports several different kinds of input formats to varying degrees.

  • .son Sonia's column based edgelist style text file import
  • .net pajek's edgelist style import
    • not all options currently supported
  • .dl UCINET's input/export format
    • only supports "fullmatrix" and "edgelist" format
  • .rdump output from the rSoNIA package for exporting dynamic network data from the R statistical software
  • .xml DyNetML files
    • partial support for generic dyNetML files
    • reads DyNetML files written by sonia that contain additional SoNIA parameter information to make it possible to save and reload work on a network.

All input files should be saved as plain text, with no trailing line breaks. SoNIA decides which parser to used based on the suffix to the file name: ".son" will use the DotSonParser, ".net" will use the DotNetParser. (It is important that the .txt suffix be removed.) SoNIA's parsers are set up to give very explict error messages with line numbers, so if the input file is not correct, it should tell you exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.
A collection of sample files in .son and .net format are located here.

Output Formats

Single network slice/graph

  • Images (mostly using libraries from freehep)
    • jpg
    • gif
    • emf
    • pdf
    • ps
    • svg
    • swf
    • png
  • printing using the java print system
  • GraphML xml format (alpha)
  • an xml format including the coordinates and labels for use with web display code

Entire Time-based network

  • QuickTime movie animations
  • Flash swf vector based animation (somewhat limited)
  • text document containing sets of matrices
  • DyNetML xml file, this serves as format for saving layout info for later reloading
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