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Installing SoNIA

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Installing SoNIA

The easiest way to install SoNIA is to download the most recent version of the install_sonia_<version number>.jar file from sourceforge and run the installer.

After clicking install, it will ask you to select a directory for installation, and then download the corresponding version of SoNIA and the required Colt, FreeHep, and JavaSWF libraries from their respective websites. It will also display the license agreements, which you must accept for each installed library. At the end it gives the option to open a website to download the QuickTime installer from Apple. QuickTime is one option for view or compressing output video

SoNIA is a Java application, so you must have a current version of java (1.5+) installed on your system. You can check Java is installed, and find out what version is running, by typing:

java -version

at your command prompt. Instructions on how to download and install java are here: http://www.java.com/en/download/

If you are installing SoNIA without using the installer, the library files it uses need to be installed in a directory named "lib" in the same directory as the sonia.jar file. See Installing SoNIA Manually below.

Starting the program

SoNIA can now be launched by double-clicking on the "sonia.jar" file. (Ubuntu linux users will need to set the execute permission on the file first)

Another option is to run it from the command line, as it seems to give faster performance, better error information, and some additional options. To do this, bring up your terminal window (C:\ prompt in Windows), navigate to the directory
containing sonia, and type:

java -cp sonia.jar sonia.SoniaController


java -jar sonia.jar</code>

and hit return. This gives you the option to always force-quit SoNIA by returning to this window and pressing "control-c".

Reporting Errors

Please keep us posted when you encounter errors or if you have any great ideas. You can post them too the bug tracking section of this site (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=119448&atid=683980), email a description of what happened (please copy the text of error from the console window) to the sonia-users list, or post it in the help forum.

Installing SoNIA Manually

If the installer does not work for some reason, you can also install SoNIA and its libraries manually.

  1. Install the most recent SoNIA_x_x_x.jar (NOT the installer.jar) file from the SourceForge download page.
  2. Create a directory named "lib" in the same directory as sonia.jar file
  3. Download the Colt numeric library from http://acs.lbl.gov/software/colt/colt-download/releases/colt-1.2.0.zip;
  4. Extract the colt zip file and move colt.jar from /colt/lib/ into the sonia lib directory.
  5. Download the FreeHep library from


  1. Extract the contents of freehep-v1.2.2.zip and place the jar files in the lib directory
  2. Optional: Download the JavaSWF library for Flash animation export from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/javaswf/javaswf-binary-baseline.zip, extract from archive and store in lib directory.
  3. Download the JavaGraphics JPEGMovieAnimation quicktime library from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sonia/files/related_stuff/JPEGMovieAnimation.jar/download and place in the lib directory.
  4. Download http://www.inf.uni-konstanz.de/algo/software/mdsj/mdsj.jar and place in the lib directory. This library and layout is for non-commercial use only!
  5. If you want to use the SonG helper application with a MySQL database, download the MySQL Connector/J library from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mirror.php?id=398133#mirrors, extract the mysql-connector-java-5.1.14-bin.jar file and put it in the lib directory.
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