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Simple Mencoder Shell GUI

If you didn't know what SMSG is, well its a GUI tool that wraps Mencoder for doing batch (or single) encoding with the great *nix application called Mencoder (now also ffmpeg).

SMSG allows a user with no knowledge of the parameters you need to pass mencoder, the ability to create DVD format MPEG 2 files, or ffmpeg (Mplayer compatible) AVI's + more.

When a users gets more comfortable with Mencoder and it's parameters, one can write their own scripts.


SMSG comes bundled with...

mplayer.exe + codecs
ffmpeg.exe   (version 1.0.5.X or higher)

The installer installs everything into a standard windows path

C:\Program Files\Kingswood_Studios\SimpleMencoderShellGUI\.

Please Note

For Versions or lower...

Known Fix for If you ever have SMSG die on startup. Just delete the directory/files under the path shown below and restart SMSG. Look in the Directory

(make sure you have the show hidden items turned on in windows explorer):-

C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Windows Username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Kingswood_Studios\

If your ever wondering "where the bloody hell" the settings being set to, see the above location ( scripts, skin default etc... )

For Versions or higher...

All settings are located in the smsg.properties file located in the Program Files directory. eg:-

C:\Program Files\Kingswood_Studios\SimpleMencoderShellGUI (on 32bit installations)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Kingswood_Studios\SimpleMencoderShellGUI (on 64bit installations)

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