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SCCM Client Center Product Types

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SCCM Client Center Product Types:

Source Code:
The SourceCode for the Main features is public and can be downloaded from the SVN repository on the sourceforge project page. To modify the GUI by using VisualStudio, the Eyefinder Control must be purchased from Divelements (http://www.divelements.com/net/controls/eyefinder/).

The ClickOnce Setup contains always the latest version of ClientCenter. It provides a self update function and it does not show the startup dialog. Unrestricted internet access is required (some proxy or firewalls do block ClickOnce setup). The ClickOnce Setup can be found at: http://smsclictr.sourceforge.net/

Basic WindowsInstaller (MSI):
The Basic MSI is the public (free) version of ClientCenter. There are no restrictions or missing features in the public version. It's the same binary as in ClickOnce or the CommercialVersion. The Basic MSI is available at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=157573&package_id=307270

Commercial AddOn:
The Commercial Version is mainly an Add-On to the public versions. It will use the binaries from ClickOnce or from the Basic MSI. It allows customizations based on customer requirements and it provides some PlugIn's which are not OpenSource. Currently, the Add-On is still in preparation.

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