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About SleepyHead

SleepyHead is open-source, cross platform, sleep tracking software by JediMark with a focus on monitoring CPAP treatment.

It currently works with data capable versions of the following machines:

  • Philips Respironics System One (450P models and above, 2x0P models are not data capable)
  • ResMed S9 families
  • DeVilbiss Intellipap
  • Fisher & Paykel Icon support is coming soon!

Currently you can also use Contec CMS50D/E/F (USB serial) oximeters, as well as ResMed S9's oximeter attachment.

SleepyHead is currently in Beta release..

Latest Version

It's been a long while since a decent update to the beta release.. JediMark is busy tinkering away on bringing you a new one.

You can find "unstable" builds (currently at 0.9.4-3) showing off the most recent progress here.

0.9.5 will be the next milestone release, which will be ready once a serious bug affecting Philips Respironcs x60P series is fixed, along with a couple of bugs affecting ResMed S9 users.


There is an older version (0.9.3) with an installer for Windows here.

For the unstable builds, which don't come with an installer, make sure to download the "WithDLLs" package before grabbing the latest binary.

Mac users

Mac users, please run the latest unstable (0.9.4-3), as older versions are just too buggy.

Linux users

A couple of older Ubuntu (.deb) builds are available, thanks to John Masters: Linux Releases

There is a installer test (.run) version that may work with other recent distros.

For alternative distro's/platforms you still may need to build from source (in fact I really recommend this on Linux!)


SleepyHead Users Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Sleep Disorder/Treatment Terms

Supported Hardware


Technical Information

Building From Source Code

To-do list for 1.0 release.

Feature Requests (IdeaTorrent, share or vote on your favourite new features & ideas)

Roadmap and Future Plans

Ways to Support & Encourage SleepyHead Development


About Sleep Apnea (at Wikipedia)

CPAPTalk Forum

Apnea Board

Sleep Guide Forum

CPAP.com (A good place to buy CPAP machines and related equipment.)

About This Wiki

Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

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