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Latest version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sharelin/files/sharelin/ 0.2.6]

Sharelin is an open source terminal leaf-mode G2-client for Unix/Linux OS. It allows you to download and share files in the G2 network.


  • Download and upload files in G2 network
  • Search files by hashes, descriptive names with filtering by size and type criteria
  • Auto hub discovery using web caches
  • Data verification using SHA1, ED2K, MD5, TTR and Tiger Tree hashes
  • Web user interface (WebUI) and telnet user interface
  • Command line configuration tool
  • Built-in recent version watching

Latest version: 0.2.6 (11.12.2011)

  • Some compile problems fixed
  • Fixed file opening mode which caused crash on start.
  • Fixed "item is already shared" crash after scanning shared folders.

Installation guide

Install guide video (a great work done by Datz)





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