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The goal is to design and implement a transceiver capable of operating in the high frequency (HF) amateur bands between the 1.8 and 29.7 MHz range using the USRP.

Modes of Operation

Continuous Wave (CW or Morse Code)
Single Sideband (SSB, both upper and lower)
Amplitude Modulation (AM)
Frequency Modulation (FM)
Current digital modes used in Amateur Radio
Digital Voice Modes (if time permits)

GUI Features

The transceiver will come with an easy-to-use GUI that most amateur radio operators will intuitively understand. The final version of the GUI will have the following indicators or displays:

Received signal strength
Transmitted signal power
Received bandwidth
Transmit Frequency
Received Frequency
RF Gain/Attenuation
Panoramic display of the frequency in use and surrounding frequencies

Instruction Manual

Documentation in the form of an instruction manual will be provided to users.


The transceiver will conform to all current FCC regulations.

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