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This is the main page of the SCST wiki. This wiki exists to allow SCST users to augment the official SCST documentation. Please consult the documentation available at the SCST web page before adding or editing any information in this wiki.


For SCST users

Installing and Configuring SCST

Searching in the scst-devel mailing list archives

Many questions about SCST have already been answered on the scst-devel mailing list. While it is unfortunate that the archives of this mailing list are not indexed by Google, searching the archives of the scst-devel mailing list is possible via SourceForge: Search through SCST mailing list archive.

Notes about particular initiators

Notes about storage scenario's

SCST, DRBD and Dual Primary Mode

For SCST developers

Notes about device handler development

Notes about target driver development

iSCSI-SCST and Zero-Copy Data Sending

Editing This Wiki

Editing information on this wiki is possible as follows:

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