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Scrabble3D in progress

Scrabble is a board game where the goal is to place letters on the playing bord like in a crossword. Up to four players can take part in a game. Each receives a limited number of letters (usually 7 or 8) each round and then tries to compose a word using these letters and play it so it connects to at least one existing word on the board. The value of a move depends on the letters (rare letters earn more points) and the bonus fields used, which multiply the value of a letter or the whole word. The player with most points win once the game has come to an end.

This program extends the conventional idea of Scrabble with Scrabble3D - adding a third dimension. Of course classic games using a 15x15 board or Superscrabble using a 21x21 board can be played too and you may configure any field setting yourself. This freeware application allows you to play against the computer, local players or via the internet. It is also possible to connect to a game server to find other players from around to globe and to obtain a player rating. Most options are configurable, including the letter number and value, the dictionary used, the interface language and the design (colors, fonts, etc).

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