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Welcome to sconcho

sconco is a knitting software for creating professional knitting charts. With sconcho you can

  • generate knitting charts using an intuitive graphical user interface
  • save your charts and then edit or change them at a later time or share them with other sconcho users
  • export your charts in a variety of image formats (jpg, png, pdf, ...) or print them on a printer.
  • easily add your own custom knitting symbols to supplement sconcho's large knitting symbol library.

The screenshots page shows a number of images of sconcho in action.

sconcho is a cross platform application and runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Simply install python and PyQt4 and you are ready to use sconcho. See the Installation page for more details on how to install these required packages on your platform. sconcho is open source, free of charge for everyone and released under the GNU public license version 3.


After more than a year of development I have just released the 0.1 series (currently version 0.1.1) of sconcho! Many thanks to everybody who helped to provide feedback or report bugs. Special thanks go to handknitsbysusan@ravelry for all the great support and testing. Hopefull, sconcho will be useful to you so please give sconcho a try and let me know of any problems. Of course, any suggestions for improvements or features you would like to see in future releases of sconcho are always very welcome. Please consult Contact for ways to get in touch with the developers.

I hope sconcho will be a useful companion for your knitting designs.

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