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Provider Packages

The listed provider packages cover different System Management categories.


Tyrel Datwyler tyreld@us.ibm.com


The [file:CIM_4_Linux.pdf] CIM based Resource Management (11/2002) paper contains descriptions and suggestions for a common CIM Linux Schema. CIM is an implementation-neutral schema to offer overall management information in a network/enterprise environment. A well defined base schema is necessary for the success of CIM on Linux.

The [file:ProviderArchitecture.pdf] Provider Architecture (10/2003) document is a whitepaper for provider programmers. It describes an easy portable and maintenance-friendly architecture for management instrumentation (provider). The three-layered design is the result of our experiences, made during the development of the SBLIM providers/packages.

The [file:MI-FunctionalSpec.pdf] CIM Instrumentation for Linux: Functional Specification (11/2003) is a whitepaper for the cmpi-base, cmpi-fsvol and cmpi-network packages. For each package the three categories "Characteristics", "Model" and "Management Instrumentation" are described in detail. Package characteristics are the supported platforms and dependencies. The Model chapters explain the package specific CIM classes with their associations. The Management Instrumentation chapters describe the provider implementation details and the mapping to the native system resources.

Testing Indications Using the SBLIM Providers - A quickstart for testing indications

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