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Other Products that work with Saxon

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Development environments and tools

Stylus Studio

As a result of an active partnership and collaboration between Saxonica and DataDirect, Saxon is fully integrated into Stylus Studio. Stylus Studio provides a comprehensive development environment for XSLT, XQuery, and XML Schema, including an interactive debugger for Saxon's XSLT and Saxon's XQuery engines. The product includes the commercial version of Saxon (Saxon-EE) as a standard component.


Saxon has also been integrated into oXygen, an XML editor and XSLT and XQuery development environment. The product enables interactive debugging of XSLT and XQuery using Saxon. oXygen now includes Saxon-EE as a standard component. See here for information on configuring Saxon on Oxygen.


Kernow is a Java-based graphical launcher for Saxon queries and stylesheets. It allows single file or folder batch processing and can be started by double-clicking under Windows and Mac OS X. It is open-source software developed by Andrew Welch.
More information on Kernow


XML Spy uses its own XSLT and XQuery engines internally. However, it provides hooks that enable third party processors such as Saxon to be integrated. This enables launching of stylesheets and queries using Saxon, but not interactive debugging.


A .NET based graphical development and testing environment for XPath 1.0/2.0 expressions, either on their own or managed in library files (includes W3C Databinding Patterns support). Saxon is used for all XPath 2.0 evaluation. A custom expression-tree parser is used for colorization, predicate-aware debugging, auto-completion and XPath variable management. SketchPath can be downloaded free from the SketchPath website.

Browser Support

Firefox extension: XSL Results. Brett Zamir has produced a Firefox extension that allows you to use XSLT 2.0 (powered by Saxon of course) client-side in the browser.

Code Libraries


FXSL, developed by Dimitre Novatchev, takes XSLT 2.0 into the world of higher order functional programming. For those already familiar with the power of functional programming languages such as Scheme and Haskell, or for those keen to take advantage of the capabilities such languages offer, FXSL provides a rich library of higher-order functions that you can call from your own XSLT code. Written entirely in XSLT 2.0 itself, FXSL does not require the use of any programming language or any specific XSLT 2.0 processor implementation. Open Source.


Functx is a library of functions developed by Priscilla Walmsley. It exists in both XQuery and XSLT formats. These functions are available as pure XSLT 2.0 or XQuery source code, and can simply be imported into your Saxon queries or stylesheets as required. These functions perform a wide variety of useful tasks beyond the capabilities of the built-in function library: string, number, and date manipulation, general sequence handling, and manipulation of XML nodes and trees.


GeoFunctions is a library of XSLT / XPath and XQuery functions for saxon which supports processing of Geography Markup Language, KML etc., including functions like buffer, union, intersection, convexHull etc. Also included at the 0.1 release is a URIResolver and Shapefile parser, allowing saxon to read industry standard .shp files directly as virtual GML documents. Developed by Peter Rushforth, standing on the shoulders of giants.

Excel Function Library

The EXcel Function Library is a library of XQuery functions modelled on the function library available in Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet products. (Note: it is NOT a library for accessing data in Excel spreadsheets.) It was developed by the FLWOR Foundation and is reported as having been tested with Saxon. Although the functions are written in XQuery, they can be used from XSLT by virtue of the Saxon facility xsl:import-query which allows XQuery function libraries to be imported into an XSLT stylesheet.

Saxon extensions

HTTP extension function

This extension allows you to send HTTP/HTTPS requests from within a stylesheet. You just have to create an element that represent the request (its body, its headers) and pass it to the extension function. You are able to use all the power of XSLT to create that element. You are then able to request REST- and SOAP-based Web services directly from the stylesheet, and to apply templates to the result if it is an XML document. There are examples involving: the eXist REST API (requiring authentication), the Google Contacts API, and a SOAP public Web service. It can be found at: http://www.fgeorges.org/xslt/saxon-ext/
It contains also a URIResolver that allows you to pass through an authenticating proxy.

Email Emitter

Is a Java library that allows to generate an Email message(s) from a stylesheet. It provide the full Email message control including headers, body parts, etc.
You can download ready-to-run example from the project home page http://code.google.com/p/saxon-extensions

Framework integration


myxsl.net is a set of ASP.NET build providers that generate HttpHandler(s) for XSLT and XQuery files, allowing you to use these languages to build websites without the need to write any C# or VB code to invoke your stylesheets/queries. More information: http://myxsl.net

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