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Saxon Wiki

It is intended that the information available here should complement, rather than replace, the extensive Saxon documentation available at http://www.saxonica.com/documentation/documentation.html

How to edit this Wiki

The information that's available here depends on the Saxon user community. I (Michael Kay) intend to exercise editorial control with a light touch: I will remove or correct information if I consider it to be incorrect or if I consider it unsuitable for posting here, but in general I will let the content evolve in the way the community takes it.

To edit this Wiki you (a) need to be registered as a SourceForge user, and (b) to be added to the "editors" user group for this Wiki. You can do step (a) yourself; for step (b) you will need to contact an admin (typically Michael Kay, username mhkay) to be added. The request will always be granted unless you abuse the privilege.

I have provided some initial section headings to establish some structure, but these should not be taken as the last word on the subject.

Other pages

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What users are doing with Saxon
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Other Environments


Links to Other Sources of Information

Saxon Information

W3C Specifications


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