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Help:Wiki Editing

From rkward

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Editing this Wiki


To edit this wiki you need to:

  1. register an account with Sourceforge (free)
  2. log in to this wiki once (using the button at the top) / visit this wiki while you are logged in to sourceforge.
  3. contact one of the wiki admins. Easiest is to write a short mail to the Mailing list.
    • No need to give much of a justification. Just tell us, you want to edit pages.
  4. wait to be added to the "editor" user group
  5. log in again, and start editing.

We know this is rather cumbersome, but at the moment, technical restrictions are in place, that mean we cannot configure this wiki for easier access. Thanks for your patience.

Basic editing help


Things to keep in mind when editing this wiki

Help:Wiki Conventions

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