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Developer Information

From rkward

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Document and coordinate development efforts. This includes C++ development, translations, plugin development, and other contributions.

Important starting points for all developers

  • RKWard SVN: For developers it is highly useful to always keep track of the current state of development, not only when offical versions are released.

Plugin developers


Documentation Writers

Enhancing the Wiki

Documentation inside RKWard

This chapter in the documentation on writing plugins provides some basics: http://rkward.sourceforge.net/documents/devel/plugins/pluginhelp.html




The main bug tracker / feature request tracker is here, and if you want to report issues in RKWard, please use these:

Submitting bug reports / feature requests

External trackers

However, there are a number of further places where bugs / issues are reported. While these trackers are distribution-specific, many of the issues reported there concern RKWard in general. Therefore it makes sense to a least check these once in a while:

Friendly mailing list archive

More info

For a more complete list of pages with developer information, refer to Category:Developer Information.

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