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This project has moved to http://www.aqsis.org
All information on this site is outdated and for historical purposes only

Wanna know whats new checkout the Developer Blog, need instructions checkout the Help Manual, need quick answers checkout the Project Forums, wanna see what it can do checkout the Test Gallery


What is MOSAIC?

RIB MOSAIC is a RenderMan RIB/RSL exporter and IDE for Blender written in Python. It cleanly automates export of data from Blender to RenderMan, while still providing direct low level control of the RIB/RSL export pipeline.

What does this mean? In a nutshell MOSAIC allows you to render your Blender scenes with any RenderMan compliant renderer. This means as an exporter MOSAIC translates blender scenes, geometry, lights, world and materials into RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) and RSL (RenderMan Shading Language) formats, the standards that all RenderMan compliant renderers understand. As an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) MOSAIC facilitates the creation and insertion of RIB and RSL code directly into any element in a Blender scene, this not only includes adding custom RIB code and shaders but also "hooking" the data from any control in Blender into said code. This approach allows MOSAIC to be molded around any RenderMan renderer with features the GUI is not even aware of!

Why does this matter? RenderMan is a standard supported by a wide variety of commercial and OpenSource renderers, bringing with it the opportunity to learn and use technology developed by the largest studios on this planet! However there are two problems with existing OpenSouce RenderMan production pipelines: they are either too low level (offering direct access to everything but not artist friendly), or too high level (being very artist friendly but locked into only those features the GUI provides). To truly leverage RenderMan the system must allow simple access to the artists while allowing direct access to the technicians, in this middle ground is where MOSAIC lives.

How does this work? Although MOSAIC provides a lot of functionality, getting started is very simple. Since MOSAIC has few external dependencies and a simple architecture installation is easy: install Blender, install Python, copy mosaic.py into your scripts folder... that's it! Once started most of Blender's controls are directly translated to RenderMan and any RenderMan specific controls are added in their own tabs, meaning once installed simply setup your scene and start rendering. There are of course differences between Blender's internal renderer and whatever RenderMan renderer you choose but this basic translation provides solid ground to quickly expand your scenes into the advanced capabilities of the renderer of your choice!

Now that we've established what MOSAIC is please use the links in the following section to get and learn more about RenderMan and MOSAIC. I hope these resources help you to explore the amazing world of technology and art provided to us by the RenderMan standard...

Eric Back (WHiTeRaBBiT) Dreamscapearts 20:29, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Getting Around...

MOSAIC in action!

Wiki Navigation

This project wiki is organized into four areas that can be navigated from here or on all pages from the panel on the upper left.

  • Main Page - A collection of project related resources such as downloading MOSAIC packages and code, reporting bugs, requesting features, help forums, ect.
  • Help - The official MOSAIC wiki help manual, this same document can also be found in the package download under documents.
  • Current Events - A collection of postings by the developers showing off the latest news and tests in MOSAIC such as blogs, test renders and news posts.
  • Community Portal - A collection of publicly editable resources related to MOSAIC, Blender and RenderMan such as renderer home pages, user forums, and community blogs.

Project Resources

Navigate the links below to download MOSAIC and interact with the developers.

  • Download Packages - Go here to download the latest stable releases of MOSAIC
  • Project Source - Go here to get or browse the latest development source code for MOSAIC
  • Project Forums - Here is the help and discussion forums, the fastest way to get help!
  • Project Tracker - Here is the project tracker where you can report bugs, submit patches or request features
  • Developer Blog - Go here to hear about all the latest in MOSAIC development
  • Sourceforge Portal - This is the primary Sourceforge portal for the MOSAIC project
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