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From quagga

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WWW site

[www.]quagga.net is hosted on SourceForge (please note their logo policy). Making changes requires being on project admin list. Hint: it helps to upload your public SSH key to SF, it will make SSH access easier. This is done at this page.

ssh yoursfusername,quagga@shell.sourceforge.net create
# In about a minute a shell VM is created, ssh exits.
ssh yoursfusername,quagga@shell.sourceforge.net
# Now you are in the VM. Quagga WWW root is /home/project-web/quagga/htdocs
# Note the "For direct access to this shell..." section: port number and shell server number.
scp -P 2xxxx file.php yoursfusername@shellX.sourceforge.net:/home/project-web/quagga/htdocs
# Shift-reload file.php in your browser to make the file through SF web server cache.

git repository




Git URL:

Gitweb: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/quagga.git


Quagga bugzilla is hosted by wush.net, a specialised commercial service. The following people have CPanel admin access:

  • Denis
  • Paul
  • Greg
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