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Go to http://pythonhosted.org/pyslice/ for the latest pyslice documentation.

Pyslice is a specialized templating system that replaces variables in a template data set with numbers taken from all combinations of a grouped series of numbers. It creates a dataset from input template files for each combination of variables in the series.

The main function of Pyslice is to provide utility functions for parametric modeling. Parametric modeling is a process of varying many inputs to a model. A drawback to parametric modeling is that there are usually hundreds to thousands of data sets to prepare and a corresponding number of model runs. Pyslice will create the model data sets and manage the model runs, or place the model runs in a queue managed by other software. Pyslice is also useful in establishing the sensitivity of a model to changing parameters.

I called the program Pyslice for the obvious double meaning and that the program slices up the input domain of numbers to a simulation.


Home Page: http://pythonhosted.org/pyslice/

Project Page: https://bitbucket.org/timcera/pyslice/overview


Python: Python 2.4 or higher


Any model executable that can be specified with an absolute path or is inside a directory in PATH. No changes to the model code are required if it draws inputs files from the current working directory.


There are three ways to install PySlice. I have included an example for each method, but please read through the example to make sure it does what you want.

1) With pip:

pip install pyslice

2) With easy_install available from PEAK. This looks like it might be the easiest, but I have had problems with easy_install before and for several reasons don't really like it. I changed PySlice to accommodate, but use at your own discretion.

easy_install pyslice


Look in UsersManual for instructions on how to run the included example.

Similar Projects

Some templating systems, which I am not going to list here, might be able to be pressed into service, but it was a difficult enough prospect that I wrote Pyslice. The initial push to write Pyslice was my inability to get the Drone software installed and working. Plus Drone was way over what I really needed. Here are links to similar projects to Pyslice:

PySPG: Pyslice uses PySPG as a library to generate values.
SweepOver seems to have a GUI.
Drone Util: part of the Drone system.
Drone: I think a Drone client?
Droned: Drone server.



Any help is appreciated. If you want you could send a patch file to me, or if you would like to make a bunch of changes I can assign you developer privledges to the source code repository. Just contact me at timcera at earthlink dot net.


Tim Cera (email: timcera@earthlink.net)

Claudio J. Tessone, [PySPG] library

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