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Report a Bug

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If you have found a bug or if you have experienced a crash, please file a bug report in our Sourceforge bug tracker. If possible, explain in detail the steps to reproduce the problem.

If you are familiar with the process of compiling from sources, please recompile to get binaries with debug information so that backtraces are useful (be sure to post them in the tracker).

The picture on the right shows the KDE crash manager after a crash. Click on ''Backtrace'' and wait a few seconds until the backtrace is complete. Then press the button ''Save As...'' and give the name ''backtrace.txt'' as filename.

Another way of obtaining a backtrace is to run piklab through the debugger:

  gdb piklab

and then to issue the command run.
After producing the crash, the command bt will display the backtrace.

Include as many details as possible about the problem you are experiencing.
For problems with programmers, a very detailed log can be obtained by using the following command:

  piklab-prog -c xxx -p yyy -d zzz --max-debug example.hex > log.txt

where "xxx" is the command, "yyy" the programmer, and "zzz" the device. Please attach the generated file "log.txt" to your report as well as the hex file if any.

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