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How to Help

From piklab

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Non-developers: No coding involved!

  • Testing, testing, testing!! and reporting bugs, missing features,...
  • Artwork!! for the application, the webpage, and the wiki.
  • Screenshots and GUI-mockups would be useful for documentation.
  • Translations: Check which translations have already been started before you work on them.
  • Integration/Cooperation with other tools (ktechlab, gpsim, ...)
  • Writing documentations: just edit these wiki pages: Graphical IDE, Command-line Utilities,...).
  • Fill in information about devices: Some devices lack information about programming voltage or descriptions what each pin of a certain package is. You can find the files to be updated in "piklab/src/devices/pic/xml_data/". Every device is saved as an xml file.
  • Generating USB logs of the communication between programmers and MPLAB (see Snooping on USB); needed logs: ICD2 debugging for chips not supported yet by piklab (12F, most 16F, 30F), ICD1 debugging, ICD2 low-voltage erasing, ICD2 programming of 18J devices.

Hackers/developers: Coding involved

  • USB support under Windows for Pickit2 with libusb; also parallel port support.
  • Compilation under Mac OS X' (command-line with Qt and maybe interface with KDE) then figuring out USB, serial, parallel port support.
  • Fix USB for FreeBSD and other Unixes.
  • Writing tests probably with QTest (Qt4).
  • Fix chip memory checksums: some work but most are broken and I just can't figure why...
  • Generate Debian Package: would be nice for users
  • Windows Installer: Maybe with NSIS
  • Look into the TODO file and send your patches.
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