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This is Derek Lamb. My SF username is lambd. Email me at: username at users dot sourceforge dot net. Or, if you have a Sourceforge account and are already logged in, click on the "Email this user" link in the "toolbox" on the left.

Installing PDL manually on a fresh Mac OS X 10.6.3

  1. install XCode from Mac OS X install DVD
  2. do Apple Software Update to upgrade to 10.6.4 & upgrade XCode, etc.
  3. install MacPorts
  4. sudo port install plplot
  5. sudo port install pgplot
  6. sudo port install gsl
  7. sudo port install fftw
  8. sudo port install proj
  9. sudo port install git-core
  10. sudo port install emacs-app
  11. sudo port install netpbm
  12. sudo port install p5-extutils-f77 (for some reason I couldn't get this to work from CPAN)
  13. in sudo CPAN:
    1. install Bundle::CPAN
    2. install Astro::FITS::Header
    3. install Convert::UU
    4. install OpenGL
    5. install Inline (ignore the warning about not finding the C compiler)

Installing PDL manually on a fresh Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic installation

I created this instruction list mostly for my own benefit. My goals were:

  1. Get as many pre-compiled PDL dependencies as possible
  2. Build every optional PDL module that is in the standard distribution. Since I create PDLs online docs from my build on this machine, and I want the online docs to be as complete as possible.
  3. Use the latest git development snapshot, so I can easily build the docs between releases.

The steps necessary to do this from a completely fresh Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala installation are:

  1. Use the package manager to find all upgrades since 9.10 was released.
  2. Use the package manager to install the following packages (and all of their dependencies):
    1. libplplot-dev (for PDL::Graphics::PLplot)
    2. plplot9-driver-gd
    3. plplot9-driver-xwin
    4. plplot9-driver-cairo
    5. plplot-doc
    6. pgplot5 (for PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT)
    7. libpgplot-perl (maybe?) or install from CPAN
    8. freeglut3-dev (for PDL::Graphics::TriD)
    9. libxmu-dev
    10. libxi-dev
    11. git-core (to pull latest git development snapshot)
    12. libgsl0-dev (for the PDL::GSL and PDL::GSLSF family of modules)
    13. gfortran
    14. libpng-dev
    15. emacs (really--ubuntu doesn't come with emacs)
    16. libhdf4g-dev (for PDL::IO::HDF)
    17. libgd2-xpm-dev (for PDL::IO::GD)
    18. fftw-dev (for PDL::FFTW)
    19. libproj-dev (for PDL::Transform::Proj4)
  3. run cpan from the shell
  4. Configure cpan
  5. install the following CPAN modules
    1. install Bundle::CPAN
    2. install Astro::FITS::Header
    3. install PGPLOT (for PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT)
    4. install Inline (yes, install Inline::C)
    5. install OpenGL (for PDL::Graphics::TriD)
  6. exit cpan
  7. mkdir ~/Build; cd ~/Build; (create a build directory and go to it)
  8. git clone ssh://USERNAME@pdl.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pdl/pdl PDL (see PDL::FAQ for alternate instructions if you don't have developer access to the PDL git repository at Sourceforge)
  9. cd PDL
  10. cp perldl.conf ~/.perldl.conf
  11. in ~/.perldl.conf, set hdf_inc=>['/usr/include/hdf']
  12. perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; make install;
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