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(Update contributors as of PDL-2.4.7 release)
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[http://www.boulder.swri.edu/~deforest Craig DeForest]
[http://www.boulder.swri.edu/~deforest Craig DeForest]
: '''Day job:'''
: '''Day job:'''
::I am a solar astrophysicist at Southwest Research Institute. I use PDL for image processing, artificial vision, and magnetohydrodynamic modeling.
::I am a solar astrophysicist at Southwest Research Institute. I use PDL for image processing, computer vision, and magnetohydrodynamic modeling.
: '''PDL work:'''
: '''PDL work:'''
::Module development & debugging, current release manager, web page development.
::Module development & debugging, general hackery.
[http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/~timj/ Tim Jenness]
[http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/~timj/ Tim Jenness]

Revision as of 07:18, 27 August 2010

This page contains some information about the PDL team. Current team members are encouraged to update their biographies if necessary.

Contributor Biographies

Karl Glazebrook

Day job:
Professor at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. I use PDL for day to day analysis of astrophysical data, images and spectra.
PDL work:
Initial creator of PDL

Christian Soeller

Day job:
Member of staff in the Dept. of Physiology, Univ. of Auckland - main interests biophysics and biomedical imaging (confocal/multiphoton)
PDL work:
Various bits of PDL; occasional Core and PP hacking

Tuomas J. Lukka

Day job:
Computer Science Researcher, University of Jyväskylä
PDL work:
PP, TriD, etc. Much of the slightly strange but useful stuff in 2.0. Known for missing self-imposed deadlines on releases.

Craig DeForest

Day job:
I am a solar astrophysicist at Southwest Research Institute. I use PDL for image processing, computer vision, and magnetohydrodynamic modeling.
PDL work:
Module development & debugging, general hackery.

Tim Jenness

Day job:
Software engineer and Support Astronomer at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
PDL work:
Author of PDL::Options, PDL::IO::NDF and miscellaneous other things. My main contribution seems to be cajoling people into doing things like the FITS reader or bad pixel masking :-)

John Cerney

Day job:
I develop data-analysis and visualization tools for RF/Microwave test data.
PDL work:
PDL Pumpking (Incorporation of patches, generating official releases, etc) since 1998.

Doug Hunt

Day job:
Software engineer for the COSMIC project (using GPS receivers in low earth orbit for weather and climate measurement). Use perl whenever permitted by law.
PDL work:
Author of PDL::NetCDF and PDL::Char. Helping with PP optimization of late.

Robert Schwebel

Day job:
I'm a hard- and software engineer working for Zeutec Optoelektronik, a small german company making spectroscopy components for chemical applications. In private I'm an active amateur astronomer, mainly interested in observation of planets. For more information about what I'm doing please have a look at my private homepage.
PDL work:
I'm no longer maintaining the web pages for PDL, but respond to email questions. As I'm more a PDL user than a hardcore developer;-) my team activities consist mostly of writing bug reports and enjoying the quick response time of the real developers.

Daniel Carrera

Day job:
I am a web developer for a a company in the education sector. Starting September 2010 I will start a masters in astrophysics at Lund University.
PDL work:
I have been working on beginner documentation and the PDL website.

All Contributors

The list of contributors can be found by querying the git repository and filtering the output using some command-line tools. See a description of the git rev-list options. The following command returns the contributor list in sorted by number of commits. Note that this does not include the many contributions made by Karl Glazebrook, Christian Soeller, and Tuomas J. Lukka, et al. before the PDL project operated under source control:

git rev-list --all --pretty=format:"%aN" |grep -v commit |sort -f |uniq -ciw8 |sort -nr;

As of 2010 August 18, this produced:

   638 Chris Marshall
   403 Craig DeForest
   350 Douglas Burke
   213 Christian Soeller
   119 Sisyphus
   118 Henning Glawe
    78 Derek Lamb
    76 David Mertens
    71 Jarle Brinchmann
    59 Tim Jenness
    56 Jim Edwards
    48 Daniel Carrera
    47 John Cerney
    42 Rafael Laboissiere
    42 Doug Hunt
    36 Judd Taylor
    36 Andres Jordan
    33 Karl Glazebrook
    15 data.collection
    11 Robin Williams
     7 Diab Jerius
     6 Dov Grobgeld
     3 Marc Lehmann
     3 Bill Coffman
     2 Xavier Calbet
     2 Tim Pickering
     2 Matthew Kenworthy
     2 C.Soeller
     1 unknown
     1 rschwebel
     1 Tuomas J. Lukka
     1 Shlomi Fish
     1 Rob
     1 Josh Narins
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