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PCKG is a suite of SAS® macros to simplify the administration and use of SAS macro libraries and macro library versions. PCKG supports SAS macro libraries with multiple macro directories, relative paths, macro catalogs and macro library dependencies.

PCKG, pronounced package, was developed to provide an easy mechanism to specify which macro libraries are used and, more specifically, what version. At the same time, we are able to document what macro libraries and associated versions are "loaded" for a program. The entire configuration aspect allows both traceability and simple efficient impact analysis.

The PCKG macros essentially control SASAUTOS such that you do not have to continuously edit SAS configuration file or your autoexec or use multiple %include in your program code. Currently, only directory paths are supported, but future versions of the PCKG macro library will include support for file references and macro catalogs.

Library Documentation

This Wiki contains different library documentation resources

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