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PanoSalado 2

PanoSalado 2 ("PS2") is a slim, fast and extensible engine for delivering single-node or multi-node ("virtual tour") 360° panoramas, and is written entirely for Flash 10+. Its feature set includes all the usual suspect functionalities, and can be extended easily in a modular fashion via the MVC paradigm. Out of the box, PS2 will also display tiled ('multi-resolution') panoramas in various tile schemas.

PanoSalado 2 is written and maintained by Zephyr Renner & Michael Rondinelli and cheerleaded by Patrick Cheatham.

PanoSalado is:

  • A free, open, future-proof specification for panoramic image files,
  • A state-of-the-art open source panorama viewer based on Flash 10.

Project Page

To download releases or source code, visit:

Visit our development blog for the latest updates:


For discussion and support issues, visit [The PanoSalado Forum].

Technical Discussion

This wiki is used to provide technical reference material and specifications. PanoSalado contributors are invited to improve and expand the site.

As part of the PanoSalado project we are working to maintain a file format specification for panoramic image metadata. This work can be found here:

PanoMeta Specification

Help Wanted

We're working to get this project moving. We would love for people to participate and contribute to make PanoSalado the preferred open-source Flash player for panoramic images. We're looking for contributors in the following areas:

  • SourceForge site administration
  • Web site design
  • Flash/ActionScript 3 developers

If you'd like to contribute, just write to us and ask!

Outside Efforts

The following projects are also working with the PanoSalado player engine:

If you are using or improving PanoSalado and wish to be listed here, just ask. If you'd like to merge in your external changes into our tree, we'd welcome that too!

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