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pangaia:Current events

From pangaia

Revision as of 19:16, 15 January 2013 by Average (Talk | contribs)
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Note this page is for updates to philosophy, principals, visions, etc. For development news, see GitHub where it's called Social Garden.

  • Now have an IRC channel on freenode: #pangaia.
  • Project currently on hold.
  • Basic demo giving a crude feel for the 3-d environment in the repository.
  • Now have a rudimentary screenshot mock-up to give a glimpse of how the information network can be represented.
  • Made discussion list on google groups called pangaia-love.
  • An actual implementable specificiations in the form of a game.
  • Assertion of non-Physical Rights: Start on making a reflection for the rights of virtual spaces.
  • Started stub for a pangaia roadmap.


  • Make a good logo for new project name.
  • See the User page for a bunch of personal needs.
  • Good words/icons to express voting +/-1 up/down and way-up/way-down (<--please help find a better way to express this!).
    • Could use something like play, fast-forward symbols. A triangle pointing up or down, and then a double-triangle for way-up/way-down, or a >| and |< to place up to the next higher grouping.
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