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Revision as of 04:42, 11 April 2011 by Average64 (Talk | contribs)
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Things to do:

  • Dress up the Pangaia logo
    • turn the large circle with the Pangaia name a translucent, circular blue and green earth. Ideally, the other circles should be warped to give the illusion of hover over its surface giving the feeling of "dreamkeepers"
  • fix toolbar at left to have a Todo link
  • Create an article comparing Chrematistics to economics. The latter derives from the Greek "household". In that light, we do not currently have an economic system but a chrematistical one.
  • make interwiki links from p2pfoundation and vice-versa.
  • mirror this site over at github
  • create better separation re: "voting model" "new form of governance" "The Great Transition" (the latter was a rename/move of the 2nd-to-last)

Here are general ideas for the wiki (in no particular order:

Thank you fellow citizens!

Otherwise, check Current events.

Questions about pangaia? Chat me up on jabber at <dreamingforward@jabber.org> , submit tracker items (click "Visit project pangaia" at the top-left of the screen), or write things on this or the discussion page.

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