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Tree of Life

From pangaia

Revision as of 09:16, 9 December 2010 by Average (Talk | contribs)
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So having worked on the idea of universal principles which organize information (much as a Theory of Everything does for energy in Physics), there's a conclusion that there are fundamental ways in which information organizes itself into higher forms of knowledge.

If/Since everything can be represented with a graph, then four main questions arise:

  • what event necessitates the creation of a new node in the graph?
  • what necessitates the creation of a new link between nodes?
  • what makes the relationship on those links change (i.e. link weight)? and
  • what event makes the node itself change?

With some basic lessons from nature, one can see that an interesting complex dynamic arises with the combining of natural selection, the fractal observations of life, and the economy of attention transforming into a cybernetic, systems theoretic self-organizing ecosystem. With a bit of love, these can combine to create beautiful fractal geometries of knowledge and a vibrant sphere of social activity. This project puts love and elegance in the center without being gratuitous, arbitrary, or vapid.

I've called it the fractal graph but others would call it the Tree of Life.

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