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Tree of Life

From pangaia

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We're looking to upturn the old industrial paradigm and create a new, creative economy. The pangaia software forms just less than one half of this effort -- a way to connect the knowledge of the world, transcending distance and people's personal schedules. The other half will be physical spaces to form an epicenter to a more balanced economy and political system.

Here are the items we'll be transforming* and putting together to create the new paradigm:

  1. Food Sovereignty
  2. Water Stewardship
  3. Education
  4. Health and Healing
  5. Right Livelihood
  6. Shelter
  7. Transportation

Be sure to see network dynamics to understand how we'll churn the old paradigm into the new one and Eden 2.0 for the standard in which to measure success. If you want a visual for what we can achieve, watch the movie Avatar.

Note: the hackerspaces project form a nexus of two value systems. The one described here is one of them. The other will be to gain skills to support a single space-port for Earth and ultimately a space-faring race.

Briefly: Mammalian diversity, avian happiness, fish numbers, and deep green plant/tree biodiversity. These are the four anchor points for the Tree of Life. If these are present you have a healthy, interconnected, and balanced ecosystem.

(*)With credit to see the The Nodilus Project for developing this list.

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