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Open Currency Network

From pangaia

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Since Pangaia accumulates a system of ranking for users and voting, a currency system is naturally developed. This currency is orthogonal to the physical currency system and trades in creative goods rather than physical goods. This is an important distinction. The creative economy will be marked by abundance rather than scarcity. In the model of Pangaia, each person is like their own country and the value of their particular points or "currency" is respective of how others have ranked them. Since we are evolving the human species away from a Will-based society and towards a Love-centered society (see The Great Transition).

This addresses issues with SOPA and such. STUB

Imagine this exchange system: Time Bank hours + Honey credits, freely traded and exchanged within local farmer's markets and such.

In addition you can imagine backing things like BitCoin with GreenArea credits to ensure that the (decentralized) production of coins will be offset with green.... STUB need a word for this: green surfaces from living plants.

One could see the appearance (or rise) of standard currency in a society as an indicator of impatience and distrust in each other and the world at large. In a complete gift economy, there are those who use no money, but do exchange based on a supreme harmony with the universe itself. Everything they need is "virtuously" provided for -- believe in the universe and it believes in you.

As long as there is not a unitive male and female , there will be the need to create goods and to impress them upon the other; herein lies the origin of currency.

An alternative view: each unit of work done is represented/stored by a token in the currency model. This is real value-symbol relationship and if one side of the connection gets dropped, its value is nil until restored.


For further reading see the Metacurrency Project.

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