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NOTE: For reasons of Christianity, Occupy, the Feminists, and the Jews, the planetary transition is on >>HOLD<<. This project will continue, as best it can, for those who want refuge from the dominant paradigm. For more detail, see my answers on Quora.

Welcome to the Pangaia Trust, something more than Web3.0, but Web.∞! A gift from the boundless assembled by the best minds and hearts of the planet and brought forth by this messenger. Its purpose: to fulfill the vision of people like Buckminster Fuller, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all those who want a make a beautiful world. This project is meant to accomplish two goals: form a decentralized social network for community activities and form a reputation network that will evolve the journey of knowledge into its completion: a perfect system. Goodbye Industrialism. Hello hackerspaces and CreativeEconomy! Yes, this aims to fix/replace the broken patent office for protecting intellectual property and perfect an idea ecosystem.

The first Web was humanity's attempt to understand what it needed when it didn't even know it wanted it. But, WWW/HTML and DNS were a red-herrings, false starts, when big institutions and big servers held the content. Now we need a content-centric web, a new way to organize the intellectual and creative wealth of the world, socially. The perfect platform for the burgeoning creative economy.

Okay, you say, we know of such other efforts, what will make this one succeed? Well, all other sites fail because they attempt various ways to combine "most recent" stuff with "most popular" stuff, but these are orthogonal -- there is no algorithm to combine them. You need 3-dimensions!!! Leap-frogging over RDF and Web 2.0, we'll be using the power of the visual cortex to make relationships instead. Killer!

So, I'm here quietly developing the world's next great internet platform, emerging from epistemology and complexity science:

STUB Needs re-written, pangaia will make an exokernel for a p2p O.S. that will see the Internet as part of its total "system". Unified Data Architecture OOPv2.

What will it do? Pangaia will create a content-centric network that rides above and independent of the geographic Internet. Think Usenet with a Ranking system + Open Currency Network to create the ==> The Gift Economy. This will form a free-market for exchanging non-physical goods to complement the physical-goods market and take us through The Great Transition. See the diagram.

How will it do it? By employing a unified Physics of Information and a distributed architecture to generalize and scale up to billions of nodes, events, and tasks -- like the Internet did for inter-connectivity across the globe, this will do for conceptual and value systems across the scope of Mankind's creative and intellectual achievements, all the while keeping it all beautiful. User-generated content will be open under a Creative Commons license while the code will be under the GNU GPL F/OSS license. We're all vetted here.

When will it do it? That depends on if you join us and help make progress on pending tasks!

An executive summary, specifications, mission, a vision, a screenshot, a diagram, a roadmap, and an attempt at a mock-up. .....Why is this project needed?

Your participation is encouraged! This software is Free and preserves fair credit for all who participate. It partners with nodilus and was partly developed at the Santa Fe Complex. Together, these form three pillars to foster an open source culture. Sponsorship by Verlin and Charolett Janssen, SourceForge, and (of course) the human spirit itself :). (Licensing?)

Would you like to donate(!)? You can make a PayPal donation to the email address listed.

Here's our Manifesto, project STATUS. For development info and files, go here.

If you'd like to join in on the discussion, go to Ward's Wiki for the PangaiaProject and comment!

This project has received a blessing from the planet. We are cross-checked and good to go!

Mark J., Project Lead

Further Resources

All content on these wiki pages is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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