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* [[Artist blurb|Artist]],
* [[Artist blurb|Artist]],
* [[Executive summary|Business Man]] (or Woman),
* [[Executive summary|Business Man]] (or [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-N2r5ThIdEGo/TsGVpFS3CUI/AAAAAAAAAHw/_UI157hmvA0/s640/true+romance+polka+dot.png
* [[Librarian blurb | Library or Information Scientist]],
* [[Librarian blurb | Library or Information Scientist]],
* [[Philosopher blurb|Philosopher (Doctorae or armchair)]],
* [[Philosopher blurb|Philosopher (Doctorae or armchair)]],

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Welcome to the Pangaia Project, accelerating the WWW to Web.∞! Its purpose: to fulfill the vision of all those people who want a a peaceful, just world. More than unicorns, we have answers.

If you are a:


...go to your respective stations by clicking the links above.

Otherwise... coders and hack0rs:

This project will form a decentralized, social network of knowledge to re-create the Internet while facilitating the creation of HackerSpaces for the health and well-being of the Creative Class.

The Pangaia project uses a new data structure called a fractal graph to scale indefinitely upwards, creating both a reputation network (or meritocracy) and a unified data model (UDM) holding all data at every level of abstraction. As such, it throws out the old ideas of the "Operating System" to merge the application with the machine. Since it incorporates FairCreditAssignment, this project, with any luck from the President, will also fix the broken system of patents for "protecting" intellectual property and create, instead, a data ecosystem to hold the world's knowledge -- ever heard of the GlassBeadGame? It's cool.

Woo woo.

It will require re-vamping the structure of the Internet, but that's okay because it was starting to need it. DNS is not equipped for ubiquitous, mobile networking and was made in the stone age where computers took up machine rooms and belonged to the privileged classes. Not only that, but we'll need a 3-dimensional visualization model to handle the Presentation Layer of our UDM. (Awesome.) Because, as all other efforts to make decentralized communities have demonstrated, you can't scale a community with the current ~2.3 dimensions of HTML and there's no algorithm to solve the problem You've got to add another dimension to separate user-ranking from item-ranking. Leap-frogging over RDF, we'll be using the power of the visual cortex to make relationships instead. Killer!!!

Dude, we got this all figured out, where have you been?

Pangaia forms an exokernel to unify the O.S with the Application. Grok it.

Some formulae for your imagination. Think:

What's that "spell"? It doesn't spell anything; it equals awesome.

If you're not the President, see the diagram for how this software will form the infrastructure to fuel hackerspaces. Isn't that what we're all looking for?

Yes, this is a Free and Open Source project and there's a Manifesto, but you're probably not ready for it.

Would you like to donate a "penny for the guy"? Click >Donate<and help make a better world. Project STATUS. For development info and files, go here. Project currently sponsored by Verlin and Charolett Janssen, SourceForge, and (of course) the human spirit itself, having received a blessing from the planet.

We are cross-checked and good to go!

Mark J., Project Lead

NOTE: For reasons of Christianity, Occupy, the Feminists, and the Jews, parts of this transition are on HOLD. See Why this project is needed..
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