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Hacker lofts

From pangaia

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So, if you haven't noticed, we've been living in shitty apartments, crammed with all our gear, and scraping by with shitty jobs (so we can pay rent).

Well, let's not settle for that. Let us come together and streamline a lifestyle that's XXX cooler than currently available, pushing the envelope of right livelihood. I'm talking bunks, an awesome pad, interconnected right: fiber optics to the net, transportation options, local terraniums for making our own food (chicks will dig it). All this will be right next door to where we'll be working on the hottest technology, accessed by keycard 24/7: hackerspaces.

Tools for the loft:

  • Hardware-level packet analyzers,
  • wikipedia:FPGAs for building custom chips,
  • TDRs for the physical layer analysis,
  • Linux machines with their own static IP addresses,
  • Projection screens for demonstrating cool creations.

Believe, it will be awesome.

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