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Assertion of Rights

From pangaia

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Every human being has basic needs for survival.
A healthy society should make it easy for these needs to be met.
No one should deprive another human (or animal) these basic needs.
To the extent it does not impinge on another, one should try to maximize the ease in which these basic needs are available.

Do these out of enlightened self-interest so that a thriving economy and beautiful world can result.

  1. sleep: It's a low-impact activity. Humans should have as equal rights as animals.
  2. breathe: Fresh, clean air is good for the body, don't do things which make bad air.
  3. eat: Food sovereignty. Earth makes food, it should be available to all.
  4. eliminate waste: Done properly, this is giving back to the earth.
  5. socialize: To form relationship with other such beings on a consensual basis, unhindered.

Once these needs (Maslow's basic level) are met, then a creative economy can made.


Sleep security

Attempt to sleep where you won't disturb others or be visible. Write a "Letter of Intent" in the event you do get questioned, stating that you are on the land solely for a night's rest and that you will take due measures to leave the space in as good or better condition than you found it. There's no one that should argue with that, but be willing to held responsible for not living up to it. This is what the law should be for.

Right to breath

Breath form a vital function for mental and physical health. Anything which impinges upon this needs to be justified.


The earth provides the best food freely. Living in harmony with it makes it easier.

Waste elimination

Every living human and animal within the world has to eliminate waste daily. Living environments should be made that accept this fact and design it into the system (rather than pretend that it doesn't exist and conceal it). Concrete structures make this harder than it needs to be. Until society builds cities made for humans, you may have to pee in the alleyway.

Dig a hole at least 6" deep, use your toilet paper, and then urinate upon it. The combination of nitrogen-rich compounds (like urine) mixed with carbon-rich (like fallen leaves and sticks) make this a giving back to the earth. For example, urinating on dead, dry wood, is practically giving a gift to the earth.

Don't leave your shit out in the open. Use the heel of your shoe or a stick to clear a place where it won't pose a stepping hazard or attract flying insects. You know what I mean, so don't rationalize and cutting corners.


Living creatures need each other. Chimps raised with a wire-fur surrogate mother diminished and weakened. The ability to socialize implies mobility.


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