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Pagetest is an open source tool for measuring and analyzing web page performance right from your web browser. AOL developed Pagetest internally to automate load time measurement of its many websites, and it has evolved into a powerful tool for web developers and software engineers in testing their web pages and getting instant feedback. We decided to release it to the grander web development community to further help evolve it into an even more useful - and free - web performance tool.


Why another performance tool? As of this writing (1/21/2008), there is not another freely available tool that contains all the functionality in Pagetest. From automating and distributed testing of many pages at a time, to detailed and accurate HTTP traffic breakdowns, to speed optimization technique compliance reporting--Pagetest wraps all important functions of a performance analysis team into one tight package. It has some ways to go in terms of interface polish and developer documentation, but we hope you will agree it is a good start, and want to work with us to make it better.

If you have a blog, feel free to give Pagetest an honest review and we will link to it, and update our planned features page with any suggestions we take to heart. Thanks in advance!


  • IE Integration. Pagetest was built for IE6 and IE7, which represent over 94% of traffic across AOL's web properties. Optimizing for Internet Explorer is a must, and Pagetest runs quietly outside of it in the background, sniffing packets and HTTP requests.
  • Waterfall Timeline Charts. Unlike any other tool on the market, Pagetest includes a timeline in its waterfall charts, and numbers the objects to make object performance analysis something easy to talk about and act upon. Check out our sample screen shots, we hope you will agree they're fantastic.
  • Optimization Checklist. There are several best practices that we call "standards" at AOL; techniques that should always be implemented on every page of every web site with few exceptions. We designed a simple checklist for quickly seeing how each object stacks up to the test.
  • Optimization Report. A companion to the checklist, the Optimization Report is text based and lists every asset that failed (or almost failed) to implement a standard optimization technique. This list makes for a quick punch list of "things to fix" immediately.
  • Object Detail Report. Included in pagetest is a machine readable object report that further details each transaction that occurred in the browser, and many other statistics such as DNS Lookups, # of Requests and Bytes sent, etc.

Quick Start Guides

Screen Shots

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Online Version

An online version of pagetest is available at http://www.webpagetest.org

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