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See the Conferences page


OpenQReg is the project that you can build your quality registry on top of, it provides a lot of features that you can use in your application. To get started have a look at how to set up a development environment and Start developing a new registry. Eventually, there might be a need of a test environment for your register, and you might want to take a peek at the example provided. Finally, there are some comments on how you may deploy your project.


OpenQRegDemo is a demo / example application built on top of OpenQReg, to give a better understanding of what is possible to do with OpenQReg. If you'd like to play with it, take a look at this page for a short list of steps to take.


For current, coming and past releases see the Releases page.




We have some articles under different categories

Please use these or add other good categories to your pages when you write them, currently we have the following categories:

Documentation, Extend and override, Javascript, Security

Try it out

To be able to try OpenQReg you need the following:

  • An application server (Tomcat)
  • A MySql database
  • OpenQRegDemo (war file)
  • Metadata files

Develop your own

To develop your own registry based on OpenQReg you need:

  • Tomcat
  • MySql
  • Eclipse
  • OpenQReg
  • OpenQReg metadata files

then use this guide to get started: Start developing a new registry

Set up a Fedora based (virtual) development environment

This is a guide to setting up a Fedora based virtual development environment. old guide here F13 guide here, F14 guide here (spice), F15 guide here (spice), F16 guide here (vbox), F17 guide here (vbox).

Set up Ubuntu based development environment

In progress; Ubuntu 12.04 guide here.

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