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Welcome to the Open Object Rexx Project Wiki page



The ooRexx team can be reached by all methods provided on this site. Most discussions take place at the mailing lists. For development related issues oorexx-devel should be used. For general help there is a list called oorexx-users.
Additionally, there are forums that can be used. Most team members prefer the mailing lists though.
To get real time support there is an IRC server set up: build.oorexx.org, channel #oorexx. There are many clients available, one of them is Chatzilla for Firefox and Mozilla.


  • Resurrecting REXX, Introducing Object Rexx [file:ResurrectingRexx.pdf] A brief history and concepts of Rexx and ooRexx with examples to illustrate concepts. Prepared by Rony G. Flatscher for ECOOP 2006.
  • Local Environment and Scopes in Object Rexx [file:LocalEnvironmentAndScopesInObjectRexx.pdf] Explanation of scopes and the .local and .enviroment directories. Prepared by Rony G. Flatscher for the 7th International Rexx Symposium in 1996.
  • Automation of Windows Applications with Object Rexx [file:MasterThesis_AutomationOfWindowsApplicationsWithObjectRexx.pdf] A Master’s thesis dealing with COM/OLE automation of Windows applications using Object Rexx.
  • Optimizing Rexx applications NEW
  • Starting OO Design
  • Quick Start to Writing Test Cases for the ooRexx Intrepreter [file:ootestQuick.pdf] Or, how to write test cases, even if you do not understand that "object" stuff.

Sample Software

Section Under Development
ooRexx Sample software, in the form of stand alone programs and in the form of snippets are available in the following categories:

  • Internal REXX language Tips and Techniques
  • Integration of REXX with Optional Support Pacakges (such as RexxUtil, RxFTP, RxSock, and RxMath)
  • Integration of REXX with other Languages (such as C++, Java (via BSF4Rexx), Python and more)
  • Integration of REXX with the Operating Systems
  • Integration of REXX with Tools
  • Integration of REXX with Applications through Windows COM/OLE automation (such as with IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Excel,,,)

If you have sample software that you would like to share, please forward to iWeaveRexx at users.sourceforge.net for consideration.


  • Handling CSV files
To transfer data directly between CSV files and Arrays use the CSVStream Class
  • Creating Bitmaps for OODialog using ImageMagick
The BMPs that ImageMagick creates by default cannot currently be used with OODialog. However, you can force imageMagick to provide a compatible bitmap by prefixing the output file with BMP3: like this:
convert ...  ... "BMP3:c:\MyFile.bmp"


  • Workarounds View workaround solutions for various anomalies, problems and bugs in ooRexx.

Design Pattern Gallery

REXX-Friendly Language Editors

Edit REXX with most any text editor, but some work better than others.

For Developers

  • InternalClasses Information about working with or adding new internal classes to the interpreter.
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