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Obtaining files related to user defined languages.

Notepad++ supports over 50 languages through the built-in support provided by the Scintilla component. More languages can be supported, using the User Defined Languages framework. Here is a list of the files that users have contributed to the community so far.

When an archive file is being supplied, it usually contains both an user language definition file and an autocompletion file. Standalone autocompletion files will be featured on this page when some are submitted.


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Links to user defined language files

Language Author
3GL drezzzzz
68k Assembly Amix 73
ABAP Christian Kosasih
Abaqus Marian Meinhard
AEL eyzel
AMP Script Patricio Sapir
ANSYS emiklo
Apache conf Alfonso Enciso Patiño
Arbortext Command Language Jean-Grégoire Djénandji
arc86 h2fooko
ArcInfo AML Jakob Nisell
ASM for ARM GNU leehaedong
ASM for Atmel AVR Brian Tullio
ASM for AVR 2 Artem Zorin
ASM for Intel 8051 Jack Maynard
ASM for MIPS R2000 João Ricardo Rosa
ASM for PDP-11 elisherer
ASM for PIC16F628A iceborg
Autohotkey Matthias Goodwin
Autohotkey: language and styles aen007
AutoIt autocompletion file Unknown
AutoLISP for AutoCAD Michael Puckett
Discussion at
AVISynth Муса-Ахунов Рустам
AWK Vitaliy Dovgan
bibTeX William D. Volterman
Bind and Zone; Bind has autocompletion Jeremy Laidman
C/AL Contact cchris
Cadence SKILL Evan Shultz
Cesil major25
Chilli Clive Toms
Cisco ACL Christoph Wempe
Cisco ASA Nick Bettison
Cisco COS Christoph Wempe
Cisco IOS Christoph Wempe
Clojure Daniel Cotter
Cobol (v2) Alain Chappuis
Cobol auto-completion file Dexy86
CoffeeScript blakmatrix
Coldfusion spenster
CUDA Weihang Zhu
Cue-sheet György Bata
Datcom (input and output) Stuart Bowman
DCL Wolfgang Walhütter
DCPu-16 Pablo Soares
DinkC Y.V.
DML / Gembase DubMatrix
Dot major25
EASI Philippe Côté
Elf Markkobo
Enterprise Generation Laguage Koen
ERDAS MDL meelmaar
Erlang mikekaganski
Essbase Suite Celvin Kattookaran
ESL John Pearce
Excel formulas Dick Kusleika
F# Konrad Botor
Fanuc PE Anders Jorsal
FEKO Clint Scarborough
FHEM Christoph Wempe
Formules Notes Yann Cornet
FileMaker Pro calculation Dan Smith
Formula for Lotus Notes Paul Goodwin
Free Form Fortran Sebastian Hölz
GameMonkey janschreiber
GEDCOM imsza
Generic Pseudocode patrickdickey
GISDK Francisco Ferreira
GLSL yash_eng
Gnuplot Johan Wild
Google Go (syntax and auto-completion) Anthony Starks
Google Protocol Buffers Brad Wehmeier
Groovy gyrm
HLSL universal
HSpice sahjakjebndmns
Htaccess Silas Brill
iCalendar jfreundo
IceBreak RPG Niels Liisberg
Icon Oleg Bakharev
IL (Intermediate Language for Microsoft) Alexandro Sahagún Hernández
Informix 4GL Harry Chen
Interactive Data Language (.dat files) pocaracas
Interactive Data Language (.pro files) David Higgins
Interface Definition Language Alexis Bietti
iMacros Daniel Steinberg
interlis Stefan Burckhardt
jBase Basic Gene
jQuery James Allardice
Juniper JunOS Hans Tendrup
LESS.js Mark Davies
LilyPond MarSoft
Log4Net Catherine Dusa
Lotus Script Udo Junghans
LS-DYNA Tim Hartman
LSL (Linden Scripting Language) plus OSSL, AA, BOT for Aurora-Sim & OpenSim WhiteStar Magic (updated regulary)
Lua (autocompletion file) dcarrigg
Markdown Thomas Smits
GNU MathProg third_maths
MediaWiki markup (Obsidian theme) CJ O'Reilly
MediaWiki (Wikipedia) Mark-up evilrix
MEL for Autodesk Maya Neil r. Hagre
Mercury Anatoly Sova
Metastock Pietro Della Saggezza
Mikrotix rules Romel Vera
Modelica Mahder Gebremedhin
MortScript Justus Wögerbauer
Mp3Tag Detlev Dalitz
MQL4 Michael Margolese
mShell Toolman
MUGEN Carlos Felipe Medeiros Faruolo
Mumps Marco Medeiros}
MyDefrag G.Schlag
Nagios cnfig Paul Basehore
Neo Sign Of Misery Муса-Ахунов Рустам
nesC sugiryo
Netcool Rules Jess Petty
NetInstall Simon Neitzel
NetLogo Matt Durak
nginx configuration Darren Slatten
NM-TRAN (def and API) Stephen C. Olson
OBMM Script Posted 09-2006
Octave / Matlab API file V. D.
Ogre3D Overlay Script Morten A. Steinsland
OpenCL 1.0 yash-eng
Oracle Web Content (formerly Stellent) Arnoud Koot
PARI/GP third_maths
PennMUSH MushCode / SoftCode Kougyoku
Picoblaze Michael Kishinevsky
PL-SQL Posted 12-2007
PL/M-86 h2fooko
Polyhedra CL Dave Stow
Portable Object Language gerundt
PowerBuilder Carl Saunders
Powershell jongalloway
Powerpro Brother Gabriel-Marie
Progress4GL jefb
Oracle PRO*C Armando Herraz Durango
Prolog Anthony Bonnier
Qik Steven Craft
RAPID Dan Venema
Rebol Masaru Yamabashi
REXX (several dialects), with autocompletion Gert Massheimer
RenderMan Shading Language & RIB Stefan Gustavson
RenderMan Shading Language v2 autocompetion file renderman rsl autocompletion
Rules Language Nimad Deshpande
S halpo
Samcef François
Sap ABAP Franco Capetta
SAP NetWeaver IdM language Frank Buchholz (see
SAP Web Intelligence Formula Editor Ivan Rubil
SAS Cath Lawrence
SCSS Wouter Beugelsdijk
Schlumberger Eclipse Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano
SciLab (highlighting and autocompletion) Samuel Gougeon
Siebel eScript Giuseppe Garofalo
SketchUp auocompleter
Solution (.sln) files for Visual Studio Ed Starback
SmallWorld Magik Christian Taton
Smarty Helge de Vries
Snort (requires UDL2)
SQR James
Substation Alpha Andrey Efremov
STAPL Michael Walker
STATA Keith Kranker,
SubRip Andrey Efremov
Susan Mahder Gebremedhin
System Verilog Michael Nemanov
Template Toolkit Andrey Efremov
Teradata Macro Language (Term) Trevor O'Grady
Teradata Tools v13 Patrick Druley
TexCnc fixus971
Tiny Fugue Yrwin
TradeStation Easy Language By Charles Toepfer (
TSL Torkel Lindahl
Twelf Cheng-Neng (Mark) Ko
Twig Paolo Priotto
Universe jbiseur
UnrealScript miles
vCard Ivan Laktionov
Velocity Prasanna Kumar . R
VectorScript Maarten
vislcg3 M A
Visual DataFlex Bernhard Veit
Visual FoxPro Garrett Fitzgerald
Vienna Development Method (VDM) Overture
HP VirtualConnect Script Joseph Casalino III
VRML (defs and API) Jordi R Cardona
Wavefront OBJ aperezm
Wiki VKontakte Иван Бойко
WinBatch Nicolas Courthouis
WinDev WLanguage alpha3i
WLanguage v15 and WDScript (plugin too) tpruvot Website
X3D (defs and APS) Jordi R Cardona

How to install user defined language files

To add syntax colouring from one of these:

  1. Unpack to an .xml file, if zipped;
  2. If you don't have an userDefineLang.xml file already, you can drop this file among your other configuration file, in the Notepad++ Install Folder. It should be named userDefineLang.xml.
  3. Otherwise, open both the existing and new file.
    1. Select all of the new file, copy, and paste at the end of the current file.
    2. This will have created a spurious </Notepad_Plus><Notepad_plus> pair i the middle, each tag on a line by itself. Remove these two consecutive lines.
    3. Close Notepad++.

Your Languages menu will show the newly added language at the bottom, next time you launch Notepad++.

Contributing new user defined language files

There are basically two ways:

  • Edit this page directly - you must have visited the wiki at least once while logged under some Sourceforge ID, and it takes a couple days from that point for you to get write rights. Please insert your entry so that the table remains sorted in alphabetical order. Looking at existing entries should give you a precise idea of the format.
    • To provide your email address for credits/contact, there is a {{Maintainer}} template which obfuscates your address for bots, yet allowing it to display clearly as a toolip. The template is documented in Author Toolbox.
    • If your language name becomes the first in the table to start with an existing letter, say Г, please move the <span id="Г"></span> to your own entry, so that Quick Access links point to it.
    • If your language name is the first ever in the table to start with some letter, say Г, then you need to both
      • create a <span id="Г"></span> for your entry;
      • turn the inactive letter Г from the Quick Access into a link, by changing it to [[#Г|Г]]
  • Use the discussion page to drop inan URL or file contents. The file will be uploaded for hosting on the Notepad++ webspace,and an admin will take care of adding the entry to the master table.
  • Email cchris with the file and an email address to quote as a contact address.

Please email cchris also if you wish to submit an autocompletion file only.

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