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Directory for Notepad++ plugins


How to install?

Usually, the only installation procedure plugins require is to

  • place the dll in the plugins subfolder of the Notepad++ install folder;
  • place any configuration file it comes with in plugin\config
  • preferrably, place all documentation files in plugin\doc, or in some subfolder of it

Notepad++ loads plugins at startup. To load a new plugin, you can either close and restart Notepad++, or use the Settings -> Import -> Import plugin command. The latter will copy the dll in the plugin folder if it is not already there.

If explicit installation instructions supplement or override this general procedure, then they must be followed carefully.

Plugins are installed in the \plugins subfolder of the installation directory of Notepad++. This may raise UAC-related issues on Windows Vista and up, so they an also install to %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins. So now there could be a conflict between this central place and whatever other folder notepad++.exe is in. The conflict is resolved using a single, empty property file named allowAppDataPlugins.xml. When present, plugins in the central folder are allowed to override plugins along notepad++.exe. When not absent, only the local plugins are considered.

Where are the plugins?

A number of plugins listed here are in the NppPlugins project, so that they have dedicated forums. You can also monitor Plugin Development forum for news and provide feedback there as well. Other plugins are separate Sourceforge hosted projects, and some are outside the Sourceforge framework. Other open source code hosts (GitHub, Google Code,...) are on the raise as plugin sources.

The official distribution

Not all plugins are featured on the official distribution, i.e. the set of plugins the installer will provide you if you check the Plugins option. Some plugins are deemed too specialised. Some plugins have exhibited bugs or other problems that have motivated their being withdrawn or excluded from official distribution. Such status may always change upon accurate user feedback.

Plugins By Category attempts to assign each of the existing plugins to a broad domain. Plugins that land outside advanced text editing or source code handling will probably remain outside the official distribution.

The Plugin Manager

Currently, the standard distribution includes a plugin called Plugin Manager, which greatly helps in checking what plugins are available and in installing them. While this is an invaluable tool, it has the following features and limitations:

  • It requires manual actualisation by the author, so it may lag behind some plugins. Plugin authors are welcome to help.
  • Plugins that are known to cause instability in Notepad++ are not listed by default. Check the "Show unstable plugins" box to see them as well. They may work for you, they don't for other people.
  • Plugins that require some nonstandard installation procedure are not fully covered. v1.0 of the manager should take care of this.


The presence of a plugin in the table below only guarantees that it exists and can be downloaded. As developers are not perfect, plugins aren't either. They can have bugs and, worse still, cause unstability in Notepad++ because things they should do transparently are not always crystalline enough.

Stability ratings were added to Plugins By Category; please feel free to report or correct any blatant inaccuracy.


Quick access

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Known plugins

Plugin Info Maintainer

Current version not working with notepad++ 5.8.7
Version 1.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
AHKExtLexer 1.2 (Unicode)
AHKExtLexer 1.2 (ANSI)
Based on PhiLHo's SciTe lexer and built using the NppExternalLexers library. (currently not working with latest version of N++)
Sources: email author

Version 1.8-R22 ( Unicode )
Analyse Plugin
Multi pattern search AnalysePlugin helps you to search for multiple

patterns in a text at one time

Sources: email author

Version 1.30 ( ANSI / Unicode )
AutoSave allows to automatically save the currently open files based on a timer schedule (default is 1 min) and/or upon the application losing focus.

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Version ? ( ANSI )
A small plugin which is formally a front-end to gawk (you can download it with a lof of unix utilities there :

As it is written in C#, you need the .Net framework 2.0 or above to be installed on your computer. You also need the program gawk.exe ... and of course you need to learn gawk language if you don't already know it.

Maxime Prat

Version 1.19 ( Unicode )
It's an autocompletion plugin, that also features two other similar functionalities:
  • find identifier and display it in secondary view
  • go to identitifer
For more information on usage, see the plugin help.

The plugin uses Exuberant Ctags and can operate with all identifiers that Ctags recognizes. You need to download ctags.exe from and place it in your N++\plugins directory.

Boštjan Mihoric
Sources: included

Version 1.0 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Change Markers
This plugin tracks changes made to documents, and enables navigation between changes, with a distinction being made between saved and unsaved changes. The change indicator is either a bar in the left margin or a specific highlighting. Or none.
Thell Fowler
Sources: on download page

Version 0.9 ( ANSI )
CharM (CHARacter Map) plugin for Notepad++. Highlight a character, select Plugins->CharM->Character Map, and it will give you variations of that character. Version 0.9 is functional, although it could use some work on the interface.
Sources: on download page

Version 1.1 ( Unicode )
CLR Tab to spaces
This plugin replaces tabs with spaces in Notepad++.

Version 6.0 ( Unicode )
Code Alignment
When programming, we often have a lot of assignments underneath

each other, and although they not the same like maths, there's a close relationship. As such aligning the equals allows us to quickly spot the relationship.
Further it makes your code so much readable, by not aligning, it's like opening up a CSV file in notepad. If you open up that CSV file in Excel, it's becomes so much easier to read since the columns have meaning.
Requires .NET 3.5 framework.


Version 0.8.1( Unicode )
ColdFusion plugin
ColdFusion Lexer for Notepad++, includes Autocompletion of Tags and functions. Supports Script Based CFCs. Can also integrate with FingerText.
Ben Bluemel
Sources: on download page

Version 1.3 ( ANSI )
Color Picker
A colour picker which translates your selected colour in hexadecimal. You can download its source code
Don Rowlett
Sources: on download page

Version 1.5.6 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Compare Plugin
A very useful diff plugin to show the difference between 2 files (side by side).
Jean-Sébastien Leroy
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0.10427.1 ( Unicode )
Convert2HTML Notepad++ plugin helps to convert plain code into syntax highlighted HTML, so it can be used anywhere on a web. Plugin also can convert query results into HTML table, which is also useful for website publishing.
Sources: email author

Version 1.1 RC1 ( ANSI )
ConvertExt is a plugin for Notepad++ 3.5 and above. This plugin allows Notepad++ to:
  • view a text file in different encodings (codepages);
  • convert a text file from one encoding to another;
  • add and work with your own [external] encoding tables;
  • replace a typed character by another user-defined character;
  • autocomplete a left bracket with a corresponding right bracket
Dovgan Vitaliy
Sources: no longer available

Version 2.0.3
( ANSI / Unicode  )
CSS-eXplorer is a CSS and HTML plug-in for Notepad++. It allows easy navigation and edit of CSS files with Notepad++. Main features:
  • TreeView: Allows easy navigation in CSS file.
  • Validation Service: Check errors in CSS file, and provide detailed report.
  • Web Page Preview: Test your work on CSS file immediately via HTML Web Page Preview Window.
  • CSS Editor: Add new parameters and design options to CSS file quickly and easily (support CSS 2.0 defines).

For more information visit our homepage:

Daniel Yanovsky
Oleg Puzis
Sources: email author

Version for N++ 5.9.8 ( Unicode )
CTags/GTags Search
Gtags and Ctags based search for Notepad++.
You can use "plugins->plugin manager->Show Plugin Manager->Available" to install the plugin and its dependent files.
The project page has more details.
Mohan Kumar S
Sources: sourceforge cvs

Version 3.2 ( Unicode )
Customize Toolbar
Version 3.2 ( ANSI )
Customize Toolbar
  • This plugin allows the Notepad++ toolbar to be fully customized by the user, and includes twenty-nine additional buttons for frequently used menu commands.
  • All buttons on the toolbar can be customized, whether Notepad++ built-in buttons, the twenty-nine additional buttons, or buttons belonging to other plugins.
  • Custom buttons for Notepad++ or plugin menu commands can be defined using a configuration file, and there is a menu option to enable/disable this feature.
  • An overflow chevron is shown if there are too many buttons to fit on the toolbar. Alternatively, there is a menu option to wrap the toolbar over several rows.
Sources: email author

Version 0.12β ( Unicode )
DBGP plugin
This is a php debugger (XDebug) which talks DBGP protocol. Use this plugin to transform your Notepad++ to a php IDE.
Damjan Zobo Cvetko
Sources: on download page

Version 2.0 ( Unicode )
Delphi plugin template
Version 1.0 ( ANSI )
Delphi plugin template
A skeleton meant to jump start development of plugins in Delphi for Notepad++.
Damjan Zobo Cvetko
Sources: included

Version 0.9 ( Unicode )
DocIt is a plugin for Notepad++, which aids in documentation. It generates

documentation templates for functions. Currently it supports C/CPP and Java.
In all it gives eclipse/netbeans/vs like functionality to produce the doc strings, that can be used to generate documentation using a documentation generator like doxygen. DocMonitor]

Sources: email author

Version 2.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Document updater updates your opened documents in Notepad++ every 3 seconds. Formerly known as DocUpdater.
Don HO
Sources: on download page

Version ? ( ANSI )
Easy Color Picker ANSI
Version 1.1 ( Unicode )
Easy Color Picker UNICODE
This plugin can decode the colour of a pixel on a palette and paste its RGB into the editor.
Matthew Edwards
Sources : on download page

Version 0.1-1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
EditorConfig plugin
EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs. The EditorConfig project consists of a file format for defining coding styles and a collection of text editor plugins that enable editors to read the file format and adhere to defined styles. EditorConfig files are easily readibly and they work nicely with version control systems.
Sources: on download page

Version 1.8.2 ( Unicode )
Explorer plugin
AAdditional Snap Open feature:
Enhanced forked version
Forked fork with more N++ interation and less refreshing
Enhanced fork
Version 1.7.3 ( ANSI )
Explorer plugin
Explorer plugin is a file browser. You can open whatever you want from it in Notepad++, just double click!
Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version 1.1 ( Unicode )
This plugin for Notepad++ is a simple tetris-like game that you can play from within Notepad++.The rules are exactly the same, so I hope no explanation is needed :-P
  1. This is the most bare-basic implementation of tetris, so don't expect any fancy 3D graphics or surround sound effects.
  2. If you close the dialog box of this plugin (maybe your boss just appeared?), the game will auto pause, and you can resume from where you last left it.
  3. Your high scores are not remembered, So please scribble it into Notepad++ yourself!
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0.3 ( ANSI / Unicode )
File Switcher (Unicode)
File Switcher (ANSI)
I've put together a little plugin that switches between files, by entering any part of the filename. It's handy if you don't like taking your hands off the keyboard to switch files. Formerly known as Keyboard File Switcher.
Dave Brotherstone
Sources: on download page

Version 0.5.60 ( Unicode )
Another text substitution plugin. This is yet an alpha version. Support global snippets and snippets for each file extension or file name. Snippets can have several hotspots, each equipped with its default insert text value. It also support simultaneous editing of multiple identical hotspots. Dynamic hotspot is supported in recently updated version, which allow commands to be run inside snippets, and "wrap around" like function.

Version 1.0a ( ANSI )
FTPExplorerPlugin is a plugin developed for the Notepad++ Text editor. Its primary aim is to enable remote access to files and folders through the FTP protocol. It's like the Explorer plugin available for Notepad++, but with FTP support.
Sources: included

Version ( Unicode )
Unofficial update
Improved version
Yet another unofficial update
More fixes
A FTP client which is integrated in Notepad++ seamlessly.

Open a php file from a server of distance, modify it, save it and try it on your browser directly just like you work locally.

Harry B.

Version 2.1 ( Unicode )
Function List
Unreleased version fixing a major crash
Function List
Version 2.0α ( ANSI )
Function List
Function list offers a list of functions (or sections) according of the language of current document, in order to access to the function or section you need quickly.

The supported languages are : C, C++, Resource File, Java, Assembler, MS INI File, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Pascal, Python, Perl, Objective C, LUA, Fortran, NSIS, VHDL, SQL, VB and BATCH.

Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version 0.8.7 ( Unicode )
A plugin to execute scripts from the console, with the ability to categorise them.
Sources: included

Version 1.5 ( Unicode )
Gmod Lua Syntax Highlighter
Version 1.5 ( ANSI )
Gmod Lua Syntax Highlighter
A Garry's Mod 10 lua syntax highlighter plugin. It's also a good demonstration of syntax highlighter plugins for Notepad++.
Kyle Fleming
Sources: on download pade

Version 1.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
GuidGuard: a plugin that generates C++ style header include guards, using GUIDs for the guard identifier - this ensures you won't have identifier clashes even in larger projects, which traditional filename-based guards theoretically risk.
Sources: email author

Version 0.9.5 ( Unicode )
Hex Editor
Version 0.9.5 ( ANSI )
Hex Editor
It's a damn good Hex Editor - works seamlessly with Notepad++
Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version ? ( Unicode )
Hex Packer
It is useful to be able to convert C-style hex strings (ex char

shellcode[]="\x90\x89\x88...") into the raw binary when examining POC exploit code so you can disassemble and analyze the malware.

Jens Lorenz
Sources: included

Version 0.3 ( Unicode )
HTMLTag (Unicode)
This plug-in provides two core functions to Notepad++:
  • HTML and XML tag matching, like the built-in brace matching (Ctrl+B / Shift+Ctrl+B)
  • HTML entity encoding/decoding (example: é to é and vice versa)
Martijn Coppoolse
Sources: on download page

Version 0.1.0 ( Unicode )
ImgTag allows to insert img tags, in your html document, using the Open File Dialog Box to select image files.
Sources: on download page

Version 0.7 ( Unicode )
Plugin that uses Fold points to Indent code
Ben Bluemel
Sources: on download page

Version 2.1 ( ANSI )
Plugin Demonstration : Insertion of current file name and date & time. Auto-close the html/xml tag
Don HO
Sources: email author

Version 0.8.0 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Use the "JSLint Current File" command of the plugin to run the current file through JSLint ( ). There are some options to play with, using the Options command.
Martin Vladic
Sources: email author

Version 1.11 ( ANSI / Unicode )
A javascript plugin for Notepad++.
 * Douglas Crockford's JSMin algorithm to minimize javascript code.
* My own algorithm to format javascript code.
* A JSON data viewer.

Really helpful to javascript coder on Notepad++ and really easy to use it.
Made in China.

Sun Junwen

Version 1.19 ( Unicode )
JSON Viewer
A simple plugin to view JSON string in a dockable treeview control.

Just select the JSON string and open the JSON Viewer plugin..done!!

Visit for more details

Sources: on download page

Version ? ( ANSI )
KVS external lexer plugin
Version ? ( Unicode )
KVS external lexer plugin
Enables proper highlighting for the KVS language.
Sources: no longer available

Version 1.40 ( ANSI / Unicode )
LanguageHelp allows to run a language specific help file (CHM, HLP, PDF) and search for the keyword under the cursor.

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Version ? ( ANSI / Unicode )
Lazarus Plugin Template
This is a port of the Delphi plugin template to the Lazarus IDE. This

should allow Lazarus users to write plugins for both Ansi and Unicode versions.

Sources: email author

Version 2.0 ( Unicode )
Light Explorer
Version 1.6 ( ANSI )
Light Explorer
A light explorer plugin not only in weight but also in speed. Jose
Javier Sanjosé
Sources: n download page

Version ( Unicode )
Location Navigate
Version ( ANSI )
Location Navigate
It is usefull for code/text edit and view, especially for many or large text files, and it can mark the saved and unsaved line that changed, just like VS and changemarker.

Main feature list

  1. Automatic record the cursor position, you can set each position offset, can jump to any position that your cursor have been visited
  2. History position can automatic adjusted when text modify.
  3. Can jump to any modified position and can mark line that was edited,when saved,mark color changed.
  4. Can record the position when NPP exit, and the record will be loaded next time.
Austin Young
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Log plugin
Log plugin allows Notepad++ has one of MS Notepad basic features : Append the date/time at the end of file after a file is opened in Notepad++, if file begins with ".LOG".
Nicholas Heckman
Sources: on download page

Version ? ( ANSI / Unicode )
Unicode Lorem Ipsum plugin
Version ? ( ANSI / Unicode )
ANSI Lorem Ipsum plugin
InsertLoremIpsumNppPlugin is a notepad++ plugin that generates and inserts Lorem Ipsum.

To install this plugin you need to copy the InsertLoremIpsumNppPlugin.dll (or InsertLoremIpsumNppPluginA.dll for ANSI) and the Config directory in Notepad++\plugins .

Sources: email author

Version ( Unicode )
This plugin allows evaluating mathematical expressions, stat functions, polynomials, plots, integrals, matrices, derivatives (as simple formal calculus). Uses a free dll that can be called (stdcall) by other programs. Formerly known as anmXNpp or Math Plugin.
Sources: email author

Version 0.7.5 ( Unicode )
Menu Search
It adds a text field to the toolbar to search for menu items. Got my inspiration from VS2012.
Sources: email author

Version 1.7 ( Unicode )
MIME Tools
Perform Base64/Quoted Printable/URL encoding and decoding.
Don HO
Sources: on download page

Version 0.2 ( Unicode )
Modeline Parser
This plugin parses vim: modelines and Unix-like shebang lines so as to provide Notepad++ with a hint about the proper highlighter it sometimes can't get, especially when a file has no extension at all. The modeline parsing also can tell Notepad++ about tab stop setings and LTR/RTL text direction - it cannot overcome Scintilla's limitations about the latter.

Requires PythonScript.

Sources: included

Version 2.1 ( Unicode )
MultiClipboard plugin implements multiple (10) text buffers that is filled up via copying and/or cutting of text.
  • To paste any text from the buffers, use Ctrl-V or middle mouse click (normal paste):
  • to paste the most recently copied/cut text Ctrl-Shift-V or Shift-middle mouse click:
  • to pop up a menu with the text buffer entries. Select the desired menu item to paste it
Sources: on download page

Version 1.2 ( Unicode )
NativeLang allows you to translate the plugin menu/dialog in your native language.
Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version 0.1.2 ( Unicode )
Version 0.1.2 ( ANSI )
You can define 2 new file's inital text and have a inner webbrowser which could run current file.

Main feature list

  1. Use Ctrl+Shift+N or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N to open a new file with default text which is defined yourself in template.
  2. In template ^! means the default cursor position.
  3. It has innner webbrowser with IE kernel, use Ctrl+E to browse/preview current file in it
Austin Young
Sources: on download page

Version 1.4.1 ( Unicode )
This plugin provides a number of loosely connected features mostly related to indentation, tag management in script language and some UI enhancements like a ruler. Please see the complete feature list on the download page.
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Notepad++ Connector
Notepad++ Connector is a free plug-in that helps you open Box files directly from Notepad++, then save to the cloud without ever leaving the Notepad++.
Maintainer: check website
Sources: unknown

Version ? ( Unicode )
This plugin formats tet using Artistic Style.
Sources: on download page

Version 1.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
NppAutoIndent plugin has 'smart' indentation for C-style languages, such as C/C++, PHP, Java and such.

It's the first release so don't expect it to be flawless, and of course it might not be completely to your preferences ;)

There is NO support for HTML/XML and such, maybe later, tag matching is much more difficult to implement.


Version 0.4.2 ( Unicode )

NppCalc evaluates the expressions in the Notepad++

Sources: included

Version 3.0 ( Unicode )
Versión 3.0 en español
The plugin converts selected text (hexadecimal string or ASCII string) to ASCII or hexadecimal string according your choice.
The format of generated hex string can be set by modifying the parameters in the section [ascii2Hex] of converter.ini (it's necessary to restart Notepad++). For the "Hex -> ASCII" command's input hex string format, NppConverter is smart enough to detect it.
This plugin is under GPL.
svn co svn://Sources

Version 1.006 ( Unicode )
NppCryptPlugin - Encrypt/Decrypt data with ciphers like Blowfish or AES using OpenSSL.
Sources: included

Version 20-12-2009 beta ( Unicode )
NppDarkCrypt plugin is strong symmetric and asymmetric encryption plugin, which has support for over then 100 symmetric block and stream ciphers, RSA and ECC public key encryption and easy to use block cipher API.

It is useful for storing any sensitive, secret or private information, enciphering e-mail messages or any plain text data. Plugin is based on freeware DarkCryptTC core.

Sources: email author

Version ( ANSI / Unicode )
With this NppExec plugin you can execute your commands or saved scripts without leaving Notepad++. It makes you triple your productivity!
Dovgan Vitaliy
Sources: on download page
30 NppExec-based contributed applications

Version 0.2.8 ( Unicode )
NppExport is a true WYSIWYG exporter.

It allows you not only to save your source code as a html/rtf file, but also to copy your source code in the clipboard in RTF/HTML format, so you can paste it into your word processor (MS Word, Abiword, Writer) to get the same visual effect.

Harry B.

Version ? ( Unicode )
NppExternalLexers Plugin
This is a collection of lexers, demonstrating the use of the Plugin Interface Library by the same author
Thell Fowler
Sources: on download page

Version 0.25 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Finally a replacement for FTP_synchronize. It is a complete rewrite and now has<p>
  • SFTP support (!)
  • FTP(E)S support (!)
  • better protocol backends (using libssh and ultimately tcp for SFTP/FTP, a lot more reliable than what FTP_synchronize had)

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Npp Hash Maker
Npp Hash Maker is a plugin which computes the hash of selected text in

Notepad++. Moreover, it provides hash result in base64 encoded (optional).

This plugin is coded in C# by using .NET Framework. Like Notepad++, it's under GPL.

Supported hash methods: MD5 / SHA1 / SHA256 / SHA384/ SHA512


Version ? ( Unicode )
Npp Java Tools
This plugin enables a Notepad++ user to compile/run a Java file from the text editor. Java has to be installed on your system to use the plugin.
Sources: on download page

Version 0.3.0 ( Unicode )
NppJavaScript is a GPLv2 licensed plug-in for Notepad++ to extend it to add editable JavaScript macros. The plug-in uses the Mozilla JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey version 1.7.
Sources: on download page

Version 1.2.2 ( Unicode )
Versión 1.2.2 en español
NppJumpList only works under Windows 7, and adds the Jump List feature to Notepad++.
Sources: on download page

Version 0.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
a collaborative edit plugin.

It allows multi-user to modify the same document in the real time via the network (collaborative editing). NppNetNote transforms Notepad++ from an text editor into an IM client, without inscription on any server side. Currently, only one client author is supported at any given time.

Sources: on download page

Version ? ( Unicode )
This plugin helps you to create valid & robust templates according to best practices. At the moment it contains only HTML templates generator. More scripting language will come if you'll like it :)
Sources: email author

Version 0.6 ( Unicode )
Here's the solution for all .NET coders wanting to add a plugin to their fav editor. Full access to the N++ API.. adding dockable forms is especially easy. But please read the included ReadMe.TXT ! The package includes 2 folders:
A clean template for fast and easy building of .NET plugins for Notepad++
An example .NET plugin for Notepad++, build upon the template above. It demonstrates the same functionality as the original demo plugin by Don HO.
Sources: included

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Demo plugin, supersedes the old Insertion plugin.

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Based on .NET

Framework 2.0, it allows to create/manage projects in Notepad++, makes Notepad++ look like a mini-ide. Features as follows:

Project management Tags view. Bookmarks Code auto completion Integrate external tool Code template, support Macros Quick go to function definition and jump back.

Sources: on download page

Version ? ( Unicode )

Version 0.2.129 ( Unicode )
Next version and new name "jN" of NppScripting plug-in . It allows you to modify text, insert new menu items, receive and handle some events from editor and all of it via JavaScript.

The plugin runs all the scripts in plugins\jn\includes at load time. Usually, all the scripts - plain Javascript .js files - will install some menu or hotkey that would do something useful on demand. There are some sample scripts:

  • decode - decodes some encoding to UTF-8;
  • gTranslate - translates selected text via Google Translate;
  • ClearCase - adds menu for working with files under ClearCase;
  • SVN - adds menu for working with files under SVN;
  • MenuCmds - allows to call some standard npp actions from your javascript;
  • MediaPlayer - allows to play audio files or online streams;
  • - adds menu with sample of functionality;
  • Dialog - allows you to build some Internet Explorer based dialogs;
  • XML - allows you to run XPath on current xml file;
  • Zen Coding - Zen Coding plugin for Notepad++ developed by Сергей Чикуёнок and adapted by me for current version;
  • SmartHighlighter - extends vertical scrollbar and shows positions of all highlighted words in current file
  • CSS Lint - integrates CSS Lint into N++. It does basic syntax checking as well as applying a set of rules to the code that look for problematic patterns or signs of inefficiency.

Move not used scripts from includes to includes/disabled Folder.

Do not forget to remove old version (NppScripting) of plug-in.

Happy scripting!

Kremer Eugen
Sources: email author

Version 1.1 ( Unicode )
A Notepad++ plugin to run scripts written in C#/.NET.

With this plug-in, you can use C# scripts or .NET assemblies to automate your redundant tasks, and extend Notepad++'s capabilities.


  • Read/write document text
  • Create docking windows containing .NET forms.
  • Build lexers in C# for custom syntax highlighting.
  • Display customized auto-completion lists.

Version 1.0.0 ( Unicode )
A easy to use snippet / template plug-in: NppSnippets. Similarity with the TextPad Clip Library is no accident. To insert a snippet simply double click on the item in the list and the snippet is inserted at the current cursor position. To edit right-click on that item.
Sources: on download page

Version ? ( ANSI )
A plugin of sorts.
Josh Harris
Sources: included

Version 2.5.0 ( ANSI / Unicode )
NppToR provides R language syntax highlighting, code folding, and auto-completion to Notepad++. In addition, it provides Rgui style code passing between Notepad++ and the Rgui. Technically, this qualifies more as a companion application than as a plugin.
Sources: on download page

Version ( Unicode )
NppTranslate provides instant translate on demand on text documents opened in Notepad++, using the Bing translate engine.
Sources: Refer project SVN repository.

Version 0.3.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Oberon-2 Lexer
Oberon-2 Lexer provides Oberon-2 language syntax highlighting to Notepad++. Works with Notepad++ v4.7.1 .. v5.7.
Alexander Iljin
Sources: included

Version 2.3.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Obide provides IDE capabilities for XDS Oberon-2 developers in Notepad++: autocompletion, source navigation, code hints, etc. Works with all versions of Notepad++ since v3.3.
Alexander Iljin
Sources: included

Version 2 ( Unicode )
Open File In Solution (OFIS)
Open File In Solution (OFIS) lets you index specific folders and possible specific types of resources (xml-, cpp, py-files) for a fast indexing of files. If you have used Visual Assist for Visual Studio or Eclipse you know how it works, if not check out the link below.

It also has the option to monitor named directories so if you delete/add files in the folders it will automatically remove them from indexed files (for example if you update your trunk through svn/perforce/hg/etc).

Documentation, screenshots and further information can be found here.

Sources: email author

Version 1.0 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Perforce Plugin (Unicode)
Perforce Plugin (ANSI)
Provides integration with Perforce. Checkout, mark for add, mark for delete and revert operations are supported through the plugin's menu. Also, the file is automatically checked out when you start typing in it.
Henrik Ravn

Version 1.09 ( ANSI / Unicode )
PHP Automation
This plugin performs PHP scripts without the need to install PHP/Apache. It recognises a number of scripting commands to have Notepad++/Scintilla perform a number of actions:

// activate N++ tab 0 in View 0
// get trimmed all text from active tab to variable $json
To use, write your script and use the default F9 key to run. Works even on the Portable version. Here is some documentation.

Andrzej Kmicic
Sources: on download page

Version ? ( Unicode )
PHP for Npp
The first is the browser of classes and methods in a tree of files and methods.

Double-clicking on the method opens the file with the class and sets the method. Double-clicking on the class opens the file with the class. If the file is no longer switches to view this file. Conversely, if the N++ switch to view it automatically positions the selection in the tree. It is also a text search and incremental search with the key. Catalogs are colored controllers, views, modules, models are easier to find and orientation. The files inserted by the browser can be configured in the script/plugin/www/classparse.php by configuring an array of files inserted even though they are not classy (views, index.php, bootstarap.php ...). For now, I praise you can invite who will benefit.

The second tab is to select two trees is the first browser mysql tables and fields. Building a query often need to insert a field name is on hand so you can insert into the text by double-clicking either the same or a field name associated with the table: "tablename.fieldname". Which tables to display it in the script configures the plugin /www/mysqlinfo.php

The second tree is a customizable insert their own tags, css, etc, tags include the inserted text. You can put there own tags used in the project. Configures a changing table in the file plugins/www/htmltag.php.

Andrzej Kmicic
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0.8 (ANSI / Unicode )
Plugin Manager (ANSI/Unicode)
This plugin essentially allows you to install, update and remove all the existing plugins, including itself, right from inside Notepad++. It will notify you when a plugin you use has been updated, and allow you to update it, simply by clicking the "update" button. The update can be delayed or ignored.

It has a centrally located list of plugins, which will be kept up to date.

Additional features:

  • Only plugins that are compatible with your Notepad++ are shown and installed
  • Install all supplemental files as well as the plugin file itself (e.g. config, doc, extra libraries). Also installs dependency plugins if any.
  • Validation of DLLs copied, against a central list of valid files. This slightly mitigates the risk of automatically downloading updates.
  • Proxies are supported, just change the setting
Dave Brotherstone

Version 1.0 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Plugin Marker Margin
Enables "free" margin for plugin usage on either view.
Thell Fowler
Sources: on download page

Version 0.30 ( Unicode )
This plugin is deprecated, use PluginManager instead

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
The plugin transforms a selected text to whatever you want, once your transformer (a console program which takes inputs then generates an output) is set properly with Pork to Sausage plugin.

The attractive part of this plugin is its flexibility: one (or more) small program(s) can be written in any language (such in java or .Net), or usage of the other programs in order to transform your selected text in Notepad++.

Up to 20 commands are customizable.

Sources: email author

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Powershell Syntax Highlighter
Version 1.0 ( ANSI )
Powershell Syntax Highlighter
A Powershell syntax highlighter plugin. It's also a good demostration of syntax highlighter plugins for Notepad++. Full information at
Thell Fowler
Sources: on download page

Version 0.0.1 ( Unicode )
Preview HTML
This Delphi plugin adds a button to the toolbar. On clicking, a docked window renders the current document considered to be an HTML page. Relative URLs are interpreted as relative to the document path.
Sources : on downoad page

Version ? ( Unicode )
It allows people writing

Python scripts in Notepad++ to run them from Notepad++ without having to open a command line prompt.

Sources Find the standalone .dll on that project site as well.

Version ? ( Unicode )
Python Indent
An auto-indenter for Python source files. It just

looks for one of the appropriate keywords at the start of the line and indents one level in on the next line.

Sources: included.

Version 0.9.2 (Unicode )
Python Script (Unicode)
  • Full programmatic access to Notepad++ features and menus
  • Full programmatic access to all of Scintilla features
  • Call other plugin menu items
  • Assign menu items, shortcuts and toolbar icons to scripts
  • Process Notepad++ and Scintilla events, direct from a Python script
  • Python console built-in
  • Full regular expression support for search and replace - script Python regular expression replaces
  • Start external programs and pipe the output direct to a Notepad++ document, or filter it, or simply to the console window
  • Full documentation for all the objects and methods
  • See for more information
Dave Brotherstone
Sources: on download page

Version 1.2 ( Unicode )
his plugin mimics the "open selected file" in PSPad. The plugin understands the relative path.
Sources: on fownload page

Version  0.2.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Version 0.2 ( Unicode ) for Windows Vista:
Customised version 0.2.2 ( Unicode ):
Quicktext is a Notepad++ plugin for text substitution with multi field inputs. It's similar to Tab Triggers in TextMate, Resharper/CodeRush in Visual Studio. PLEASE UPGRADE to Notepad++ v5.4.4 if QuickText isn't functional..

Version 1.0.2 ( Unicode )
A lexer for Rainmeter .ini files, based on WLangLexer.
Birunthan Mohanathas (poiru)

Version 0.2.2 ( Unicode )
RegEx Helper
A Notepad++ plugin that allows users to develop regular expressions and test them against their open documents. Full details can be found here.
Sources: email author

Version 1.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
RegRexPlace: a plugin to do "regular regular-expression replaces". Useful when

you have often-used regex replacements. I personally use this when writing posts on forums, so I can use my own simplified markup and automatically generated BBCode markup from that. A sample .ini file is included.

Sources: email author

Version 1.0
ReloadButton ANSI
ReloadButton Unicode
Adds a toolbar button that reloads the current document from disk while maintaining line and focus unchanged.
Johannes Häfner
Sources: email author

Version 1.31 ( ANSI / Unicode )
RunMe allows to execute the currently open file, based on its shell association.

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )

This plugin allows you to save any file as administrator. Just press "Save" in Notepad++ and if you are not allowed to change this file as user, Notepad++ will save it as administrator.|

Sources:on download page

Version ? ( Unicode )
This plugin is used by other plugins.
It retrieves the marker symbol type for a line marker from Scintilla. If the marker has not had a marker symbol defined to it the value SC_MARK_AVAILABLE type is returned. This allows plugins to cooperate when when using line markers.
Thell Fowler
Sources: on download page

Version 1.0U ( ANSI / Unicode )
This plugin simply configures the Scintilla components on startup to allow scrolling up to one page down past the end of file. Currently (as of Notepad++ 5.6.2) there is no GUI setting to enable this feature. It may be added at a later time, but even then if you are using an older version of Notepad++, you may still want to use this plugin.
Alexander Iljin
Sources: included

Version 1.12 ( ANSI )
A nice done Find in files plugin with which you have a lot of extra informations.
Jose Javier Sanjosé
Sources: on download pages

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )

Search+ is a notepad++ plugin that lets you search a file for multiple keywords in a single shot. You can specify a list of keywords to search for in the current file, and filter out lines that match any of the keywords in this list. It was developed mainly for analyzing large log files where you are interested in more than one keyword and the order in which they appear.

Sources:on download page

Version 1.0 ( ANSI )
Version 2.1 ( Unicode )
With this you can encrypt/decrypt whole documents or selected text with your own key.

It is useful for storing sensitive information like logins and you don't want them lying around in a plaintext file.

Dominic Tobias
Sources: email author

Version 0.2.0 ( Unicode )
Select N Launch
This plugin gets your selected text, saves it as file in the system temporary directory with the extension you customized. Then it launches the file - Windows system opens the file with its associated program(by using the extension).

In my personal usage, I defined crt and pdf as extension, then I can launch pdf or show a certificate on the fly, by selecting a Base64 text and executing the defined commands.
Up to 20 commands (20 extensions) are customizable in this plugin.

Sources: email author

Version 0.6 ( Unicode )
Provides enhanced session management for Notepad++.
Sources: on download page

Version 0.3 ( Unicode )
A file-explorer-like control, which is very, very close to a real windows explorer. Requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher.
Sources: closed

Version v1.13 ( ANSI )
Simple script
Simple script plug-in allows you to make up your script from buid-in functions then execute the script in linear. It was originally designed to help format e-books for easier reading on a computer screen, but it's generic enough to use for a variety of different purposes.
Todd Hadley (Fidvo)
Sources: on download page

Version v1.4 ( Unicode )
Code snippet and now fully functional SurroundWith functionality in one plugin.
  • CodeSnippet: Write snippet name and replace it with real code. Will give you hint if you don't remember the snippet name. Or use dockable or floating GUI.
  • SurroundWith: It's unlimited now.Select some text and surround it with something like IF, TryCatch, Table, Div or whatever.
  • Right click and choose SurroundWith to see all available options for the given language. Or use dockable or floating GUI.
  • See screenshots to get the idea at:
Rajesh Kumar
Sources: email author

Version ? ( ANSI )
A plugin of sorts.
Greg Bullock
Sources: included

Version 0.7.3 ( Unicode )
A cross breed between Exuberant CTags and FunctionList so as to allow a hierarchical overview of a single source file or a set of them. Supports interactive drag and drop of source files into sessions (unrelated to Notepad++'s). Requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher.
Sources: on download page

Version 0.6 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Another soource switcher, but more flexible, as it handles .c <-> .h
Sources: email author

Version 0.2.1 ( Unicode )
Version ( ANSI )
No kidding, Notepad++ speakes now.

Use SpeechPlugin, you can make Notepad++ dictate your text or source code. Of course, the speakers is necessary.

Jim Xochellis
Sources: on download page

Version 1.3.3 ( Unicode )
Here is the spelchecker spellcheker spellchecker which can corect correct your typos in your langage (damn!) language. You need to instal install Aspell before using it. This thread (in french) provides more details and features an email address to request an installer from.
Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version  ? ( Unicode )
SPSS launcher
Not a plugin actually, but an AutoHotKey script to pass selection/document to SPSS through NppExec.
Sources: included

Version 0.0.1 ( Unicode )
Squiggly SpellCheck
The alpha version of a spellchecker somewhat like the Office fixture.
Sources: email author

Version 1.2 ( Unicode )
Integrated Subversion support utilizing TortoiseSVN's command line features. This plugin has support for Update, Commit, and Revert.
Brandon Cannaday
Sources: email author

Version 1.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
Switcher: a plugin to switch between 'associated' files. Currently it handles switching between asm<>inc, cpp<>h, cc<>h and c<>h. Useful when assigned to a hotkey.
Sources: email author

Version ? ( Unicode )
T-SQL formatter
Poor Man's T-SQL formatter is based on a similarly named C# library, see . The first release has no options, only a reformat command.

Version 1.1.4 ( Unicode )
TagsJump is a plugin let us generate indices of definitions, and then we can jump to a definition as well as jump back to previous position. Special point is that, it works very fast even if the code is very large.

Version ? ( Unicode )
Tab Indent Space Align
A plugin to provide support for using tabs for indent and spaces for alignment. It does a couple things. First, when you insert a new line it will exactly copy the preceding indent, instead of turning tabs to spaces or vice-versa. Second, if you insert a tab anywhere in the indentation part of a line (which is considered to be from the beginning of the line to the first non-tab) it will insert a tab, otherwise it will insert spaces. (For multiple lines, tab is always inserted)
Sources: included

Version 0.3 ( Unicode )
TagsView is a generic plugin which provides user interface for ctags parsed

result. Currently supported editors are Notepad++ and AkelPad.

Sources: email author

Version 2 ( Unicode )
Task List
Task List is a plugin that adds all occurrences of "*TODO:*" to a side bar.

Double-clicking an item in the task list will take the cursor to that occurence.


Version 0.26 ( ANSI / Unicode )
TextFx is one of the first plugins while the plugin system was available in Notepad++.

You will be amazed by its huge number of features and its small size. Here is Text FX official site with detail Information. Note that the npp-plugins project hostsv0.25, but Notepad++ ships with 0.26.
This plugi has no maintainer and wants one; please see TextFX's Future

Chris Severance
Sources: on download page

Version 0.2 (Unicode)
Tidy2 is a HTML Tidy plugin, using tidy-html5 from W3C. Tidies up HTML code, can produce XHTML and insert missing tags, remove unneeded tags etc. Allows 3 configurations, so you can configure 3 different Tidy patterns for different uses (e.g. one HTML and one XHTML)
Dave Brotherstone
Sources: Tidy2 on Github

Verson 1.4 ( Unicode )
ToolBucket features:
  • Multi-line search and replace dialog.
  • Change indentation dialog.
  • Generate GUID
  • Generate Lorem Ipsum
  • Compute MD5 Hash
  • Compute SHA1 Hash
  • Base 64 encode
  • Base 64 decode
Sources: on download page

Verson 1.21 ( ANSI / Unicode )
TopMost integrate with the native AlwaysOnTop functionality and adds some additional functionality such as a toolbar button and memory of the state between sessions.

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Version 1.0 ( Unicode )
Tortoise SVN
There is probably 10 of these already on the internets, but none of them(that I have seen) have the concept of a root directory.
Currently supports the following :
  • On project/solution basis : Update, Commit, Log.
  • On file basis : Diff, Log, Commit, Edit Conflicts, Resolve, Add, Revert, Remove, Rename.

Documentation and further information can be found here.

Sources: email author

Verson 0.10 ( ANSI / Unicode )
TrayMenu allows to add features to the Notepad++ tray icon but there is no development at the moment.

Visit for more details.

Franco Stellari
Sources: email author

Verson 0.20 ( ANSI / Unicode )
TTS Assistant allows to edit the TTS files easily. You can add/remove the quote marks as well as the & marks from your selected lines. It also allows you to break the text into lines such that each line contains an XML element.
Trung Nguyen
Sources: email author

Version 1.0.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
A cross platform GUI for several code formatter, beautifier and indenter like AStyle, GNU Indent, GreatCode, HTML Tidy, Uncrustify and many more. Main feature is a live preview to directly see how the selected formatting option affects the source code. Several languages supported, among which far eastern ones, and a translation tool is also available at the project's files page.
Sources: eail author

Version 2.1 ( ANSI / Unicode )
WebEdit is another attempt to integrate a user-configurable code template collection into Notepad++. With WebEdit you have the following options:
  • create a menu command for pasting some text, possibly surrounding the current selection, if any. Imagine selecting a word and putting "<p>...</p>" around it with a single hotkey. You can create up to 30 such commands and assign keyboard shortcuts to them, or simply use the menu;
  • the same 30 commands can also be represented by buttons on the main toolbar for quick access with the mouse;
  • you can create a set of "tags" or abbreviations. Type one of them, then press Alt+Enter and it will be replaced with the corresponding block of text. If the replacement consists of multiple lines, all of them will be indented same as the first one. The caret will be placed in a predefined position within the new text. You can have the current clipboard contents (e.g. a function name) pasted on expansion.

The plugin configuration is stored in the WebEdit.ini file. Use "WebEdit\Edit Config" command from the "Plugins" menu to open the file in Notepad++ for editing.

All keyboard shortcuts can be assigned/modified using the standard Shortcut Mapper. For more information see the WebEdit.txt help file.

Alexander Iljin
Sources: included

Version 1.2.2 ( Unicode )
Window Manager
What if you can have a short overview of your open documents in Notepad++.

This overview is dockable and gave you the full capability as the tabs have.

  • Left click on a list item selects the document.
  • Right click opens the tab context menu from Notepad++.
  • When documents are opened in main and second view (by duplicate or move) also two lists are shown in dialog window.

This screenshot will explain better.

Jens Lorenz
Sources: on download page

Version 4.1.0 ( Unicode )
A lexer for the WLanguage v16 (including WDScript)
  • Full autocompletion is provided, functions case and accents are ignored.
  • Comments, javascript and Here-strings folding.
  • Based on new 5.8+ Lexer Interface.

Browse SVN

Tanguy Pruvot
Sources: email author

Version 1.2 ( ANSI / Unicode )
XBrackets Lite (Unicode)
XBrackets Lite (ANSI)
XBrackets Lite allows to autocomplete brackets ([{""}]) i.e. it inserts

corresponding right bracket when the left bracket is typed. The plugin uses "smart" autocompletion:<p>

  • next character is analysed for ([{ brackets;
  • next & previous characters are analysed for " quote.
Dovgan Vitaliy
Sources: on download page

Version 2.3.2β4 r908 ( Unicode )
XML Tools
This plugin is a small set of useful tools for editing XML with Notepad++. The plugin is libXML2-based.

The plugin features are:

  • XML syntax Check
  • XML Schema (XSD) + DTD Validation
  • XML tag autoclose
  • Pretty print
  • Linearize XML
  • Current XML Path
  • Conversion XML <-> Text
  • Comment / Uncomment
  • XPath expression evaluation

Please note that external libs are required. They can be downloaded from the 'Notepad++ Plugins' project page. Make sure you put the external libs in NPP root directory (same than Notepad++.exe) and NOT in plugins subfolder (these external libs are not NPP plugins, but just external libs!)

Nicolas Crittin
Sources: email author

Version 2.10 ( Unicode )
  • Analyze multiple XPath queries with one keypress.
  • Ability to only search on selected text.
  • Reverse lookup from results.
  • Beatufy XML documents.
  • Saved queries for files left open in NPP.
  • Can save and load XML files with XPath queries into a single file.
[mailto:bguenthner bguenthner ]

[Sources: on download page]

Version 0.7 ( Unicode )
Zen Coding
Zen Coding plugin for Notepad++. Actually, this is the NppScripting plugin with a different start.js and includes - the .dll file is identical, so replacing it won't have any impact.
Сергей Чикуёнок

Version ( Unicode )
Zen Coding-Python
Zen Coding plugin for Notepad++, but rewritten in Python, and with better integration in N++ - shortcuts can be configured from the Shortcut Mapper. - davegb3

Tips for updating this page

It is desired that plugin authors update this page whenever they update a plugin or release a new one. This fits well within the DIY spirit of a wiki, which is no different from the open source spirit. This is open docs, like the whole of NpWiki++.

The general case

When updating, the simplest way might be to click on an individual row edit link, and change whatever needs to. Points to be careful about are:

  • Proper use of the Maintainer template to refer to a plugin maintainer, see Author_Toolbox#General
  • Proper use of the wiki syntax for links: an opening bracket, an address without intervening spaces nor line breaks, a space, the desired displayed text, a closing bracket. Copy/paste may insert spurious line breaks in URLs which wrapped.
  • The pipe symbols you see at the beginning of some lines must definitely reside at the beginnning of a line to be properly processed
  • When a description has embedded blank lines or lists, precede it by an HTML <p> paragraph tag.
  • While documenting source availability, please use the standard locations:
    • on download page
    • included
    • email author

or a link, unless particular circumstances suggest otherwise.

Looking at a few rows in the source should give you the idea.

To add a new plugin, edit the row above which yours should appear - the table is sorted by plugin name - copy and paste the text you see, and then modify this duplicate plugin entry you just created, as explained above.

The first line of a plugin entry has names for the plugin that serve different purposes:

  • The {{ns:0|Pluginname}} part is there so that, when an entry is edited, an automatic, yet relevant comment is generated for the page history.
  • The <span id="name"></span> part is an anchor used by Plugins By Category to point to the entry. The short name should be suitable to include in an URL. Admins can take care of this.

Special cases:

  • If your plugin should appear on the topmost row, copy and paste, but then adjust the upper duplicate entry.
  • If the name of your plugin is the first one to start with a given letter, please remove the duplicate line of the form <span id="X"></span>. This will keep the quick access links up to date.
    • If your plugin starts with B, V or Y, do not remove the span line, but change the letter. Also, since the quick access link (say for letter Г) doesn't exist yet, it would be great creating it replacing the letter with [[#Г|Г]].
  • If your plugin must be on the last row, then there are special adjustments, obvious if you know wikitext a little:
    • Don't duplicate the trailing |}, this is the table end marker. If you do it will just look funny;
    • Between the original text and your duplicate entry, add
      • a line starting with |- It starts a new row;
      • a line with a single | symbol. This starts the first cell of the new row, which has the edit link, version info and download link.

More updating considerations

The section below keeps a tally of the plugins which do not exist in Unicode version. Each entry names such a plugin and provides known information on how it could be replaced along Unicode builds. Please update these entries as appropriate.

You can always edit the whole page. Since it is large and is bound to grow, this will only make things slower because of the extra bandwith requirements. And if a wreck ever takes place, it gets a chance of going global instead of remaining confined within a couple rows. Granted, admins can always revert any edit, cancelling both the mess and the intended changes. Please contact an admin if anything goes wrong - which cannot ever happen, as programmers say.

ANSI-only plugins

There are currently 10 plugins out of over one hundred entries (138 as of May 1st, 2012) that only work with ANSI builds of Notepad++. Many of them are superseded either by Notepad++ or by other plugins. Notepad++ proper no longer ships an ANSI build since version v6.0.

ANSI-only plugins
Name Comments
AwkPlugin Superseded by NppExec, RunMe can help too.
CharM No equivalent
Color Picker Suoperseded by Easy Color Picker
ConvertExt No equivalent, but Encodings is its rebirth. Also NP++ now supports code pages.
FTP Explorer Superseded by NppFTP.
Insertion Superseded by TextFX, and hardly counts as it is meant to be a demo
NppSortLines Superseded by TextFX
SearchInFiles Only the Exclude filetypes feature is not covered by Notepad++ facility.
SimpleScript Superseded by PHP Automation, NppScripting and Python Script
Sort plugin Superseded by TextFX

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