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Author Guidelines

From notepad-plus

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Author Guidelines


General rules

  • Use British English spelling and grammar except where computer terms require US spelling. For example, dialog box, localization, etc.
  • We prefer NP++ as the shortened form of Notepad++.
  • Titles should be capitalised (that is, all major words should start with capitals)
  • Pagenames should be capitalised as well.
  • Pagenames may contain spaces and the '+' character

New pages

New pages should start with either

{{New Article}}


{{New Article| Longer and more descriptive header}}

The purpose of this is multiple:

  • Ensure some homogeneity in page appearance
  • Give a chance to reader to go to another page s s/he landed there by error
  • Link the page to a specific category used for management

Category links

They should appear at the bottom of the page, mirrorring their Wiki rendering. This is useful to review the indexing and easily change it.

Adding a topic/keyword category link is encouraged as soon as it is relevant, and it is to be expected that some people will expect to see the page listed when looking up the keyword.

Removing a keyword link, however, should be seen as correcting a mistake, or splitting an overloaded topic.

New topics

Adding a category link that didn't exist before is not enough. The category has to be created. You will tell this condition by a red link in the category footer. Simply follow the link. You will be led to editing the new category. Enter


and save page. You are done. What the template does is to generate a presentation text and integrate the new topic into the indexing structure.

Visual codes

While boredom may have been born from uniformity, chaos certainly arises from randomness. Try to integrate into the general look and feel of the Wiki.

In order to make source files, menu commands and configuration dialog elements more obvious and standing out from text, specific templates have been designed tospare typing and present the casual reader with an easy to read color code. Authors are encouraged to use all tools in Authors Toolbox, specially in the UI quotes section.

Editing some pages with advanced formatting mmay prove challenging for people with hardly any expertise in wiki markup. If yu feel you are going to cause a mess, or have already, just ask the admins. We may have enough experience to solve the problem soon.

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