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NGSolve Finite Element Library

What is NGSolve ?

NGSolve is a finite element library. It must be connected to a mesh handler such as Netgen. NGSolve is written in C++, and is open source based on the LGPL license.

Some features of NGSolve

  • Elements of arbitrary order for any shape (segm, trig, quad, tet, prism, pyramid, hex)
  • Scalar elements and vector-valued elements for H(curl) and H(div)
  • Integrators for Heat-flow, Elasticity, Navier-Stokes, Maxwell, etc. etc.
  • Iterative solvers with multigrid preconditioning
  • Error estimators and adaptive mesh refinement
  • Intensively object oriented (C++ expression templates)
Installation Instructions

Installation on Linux

The installation is based on GNU automake

Installation on Windows

compile with MSVC (express edition is enough), or install NGSolve binary


A quick start into Netgen/NGSolve

NGSolve User Guide

Explains how to run NGSolve

Writing PDE Files

Explains how to write NGSolve input files (pde-files)

NGSolve Programming

An introduction to NGSolve Programming

Reference Manual

Reference manual generated by doxygen

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